3-Minute Read: Validating Product Expertise through Certification

Posted by Mason Holloway on August 23, 2017

Validating Product Expertise through Certification

By Mason Holloway, Senior Director of Deltek University

Whether you’ve earned your Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree, not everyone looks forward to taking tests later in their professional career – and in theory, the days of taking exams should be long-gone. However, as the need for specialized technology knowledge advances, more SaaS-based organizations are offering product or application certifications to stay current and competitive.

As niche products and applications are deployed within a department or organization, often times power users and administrators have to get ramped up quickly and efficiently to meet challenging deadlines which can cost an organization thousands and even millions of dollars. Arming individuals or a team with the proper training can be equally challenging so offering certification programs to showcase product knowledge without a doubt validates expertise and respect.

When thinking about taking the next step to become certified, keep these best practice tips in mind during your evaluation process.

  • Preparation – Consider subscription-based training and learning platforms before becoming certified to ensure that you have the proper knowledge and understanding of the products or applications you are expected to know inside and out. Don’t ever feel like you have to jump into a certification program head-first. Make the time to join classes and learn instructional course material or study guides to ensure you’re prepared and confident to take a certification exam.
  • Comfort level – Would you say you’re a passive user, power user or somewhere in between? What you think you know about a product or application, may not be the case when it comes time for the exam. Certification exams can be very challenging to validate true product expertise so it’s important that you feel you know the ins and outs to successfully complete and pass the exam.
  • Proof of skills – Today’s job market is competitive, especially for specialized jobs in technology. When employers think about retaining top talent, they want to do whatever they can in their power to ensure employees are setup for long-term success. By offering employees to take certification exams and earn that credibility, they know they have the best and brightest working on products and applications that help their business run more efficiently day in and day out. On the flip side, for the employee, they are more marketable when considering a company or career change.
  • Return on investment – It was previously mentioned that organizations spend thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars on technology implementations and having highly skilled and knowledgeable product experts help during those project milestones. Ensure you have the right team in place to meet those challenges where certified individuals could be making a bigger impact and a higher return on investment.

If you’re interested in becoming Deltek Certified, you can learn more about our emerging program which offers Costpoint and Vision certification at a time that is most convenient for you. With study guides designed to help prepare you for the official exam, along with subscription-based training offered through the Deltek Learning Zone, the Deltek University team wants to ensure setup for success.