Vision 7.6 Expense Approval Workflows: Make Expense Approvals Easier Than Ever

Posted by Ed Zanaty on July 21, 2016

Vision 7.6

As you may know, Vision Employee Expense Applications allow users to easily create expense reports and pull credit card expenses directly into the expense report, if the Vision Credit Card feature is enabled. Now with Vision 7.6, Approval Workflows have been expanded to cover Expense Report and Expense Line approvals.


The main benefits of enabling Expense Approval Workflows are:

  • Build Approval Workflows that are multi-step and conditional to align your approval processes with your company’s operations
  • Route approvals to roles that include the new organizational roles or to specific employees
  • Expense Report and Expense Line approvals work together in the defined workflow to allow for Expense Report and Expense Line approval to be on concurrent steps or sequential steps
  • Apply notifications and validations to each step to keep everyone updated on the progress of expense approvals
  • Updated Expense Report form, Expense Line Approval and Approval Review incorporating the new Expense Approval functionality
  • See where your expense report is in the approval process, who it is assigned to, and when it is due

So you are probably saying to yourself, “This all sounds great, but where do I start?” With the powerful functionality in place, your firm will want to map out an approval process that does the following:

  • Define your approval process before building the Approval Workflow so you can gain the endorsement of your management team prior moving forward
  • Only route approvals to the individuals that are required to meet cost control requirements for your firm
  • Consider setting dollar amount limit conditions so that small routine expenses can be handled quickly with limited steps and larger amounts require more scrutiny
  • Only require approval for regular project charges if using Expense Line approvals
  • Build a step into the Approval Workflow that allows the approver to edit if changes are common after expense reports are submitted
  • Add step validations to ensure employees are following company Expense Report policies
  • Once the Approval Workflow is built in Vision, test in a sandbox database and then apply to production.

In summary, with the introduction of Approval Workflows to the Employee Expense process, users now have more tools to drive operational efficiencies and significantly decrease the time it takes to manage the entire process. Don’t let this functionality sit on the shelf. Put it in place today!


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