January 2019 Federal Analysis: Government Shutdown and Defense IT Contracts

Posted by Nick Schiffler on January 25, 2019

Washington, D.C.

GovWin+Onvia’s research staff of more than 100 federal and state, local, and education (SLED) market analysts provide in-depth research reports, timely articles, webinars, presentations, and consultations to help clients build business development plans and navigate the government market effectively.

In this feature we highlight recent analysis from our federal research team, including key things government contractors should know about the federal government shutdown, as well as free summaries of research reports on Defense IT and Technology Strategies for Federal Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.

Insights to Help Government Contractors Manage the Government Shutdown

The top news story of early 2019 in the world of government contracting has been the ongoing partial federal government shutdown, and the implications it has for both buyers and sellers in the public sector marketplace. Fortunately, GovWin’s industry-leading team of federal market analysts has been following the government shutdown closely and providing useful resources for government contractors.

Defense IT Priorities and Strategies for 2018-2023

GovWin Market Analysts Alex Rossino and John Slye have partnered on a report, Defense IT Priorities and Strategies 2018-2023, examining the factors shaping the information technology environment and the top priorities for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Highlights from the free summary of this valuable research include insight into the legislative factors and budget priorities shaping the DoD technology spending plan, as well as five-year forecasts for the Defense IT that include segments relevant to many technology companies, including the cloud, cybersecurity, big data, and health IT verticals.

“This report examines the DOD’s efforts to leverage the policy evolution, acquisition advancement and technical innovation required to support its IT modernization strategy over the coming years.”

A Free Summary of Technology Strategies for Federal Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

With improper federal payments reaching more than $150B in FY 2018 alone, federal government agencies and the federal administration are seeing a need to reduce monetary loss in federal programs. These agencies are looking for new data strategies and technology products that can help reduce waste and loss.

That’s why GovWin Senior Principal Research Analyst Angie Petty and Principal Research Analyst Christine Fritsch compiled a free summary of their recent report, Technology Strategies for Federal Waste, Fraud, and Abuse for 2019. This free summary analyzes key technologies that agencies are leveraging in the fight against waste, fraud, and abuse. The full report also highlights federal agencies, organizations, and programs that are in need of IT contractors to provide solutions.

“Over the next several years, contractors should expect agencies to make additional investments in data warehousing, analytics, modeling, visualization, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain, and professional services to combat waste, fraud and abuse, and improper payments.”

The OASIS Contract and How to Approach Open Season On-Ramps

Deltek recently partnered with Baker Tilly to host a webinar that takes a deep dive into the OASIS contract. The webinar provides an overview of the contract and perspective for federal government contractors to consider as they make their bid or no-bid decisions.

Included in the webinar is the federal acquisition strategy, the GSA’s strategy for expanding OASIS and other potential future on-ramps, and details of the process relevant to both large enterprise companies and small businesses.

“With over $11B in obligations in just over four years, open season on-ramping represents a significant opportunity for prospective contractors to consider adding this “Best-In-Class” contract to their contract portfolios.”

You can access more of the analysis produced by both our Federal and SLED Market Analysis teams using the following link: Access in-depth SLED and federal market analysis

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