Vision 7.6 Info Center Attachments: Get the files you need quickly and easily

Posted by Brent Johnson on June 23, 2016

Vision 7.6

Project delays shouldn’t be the result of buried files or misplaced documents. Project managers and teams need to be able to find the right documents with ease and now it is easier than ever in Vision 7.6.

With the release of Vision 7.6 comes the highly anticipated Info Center Attachments feature. Info center attachments allows you to attach files directly to your info center records in Vision.

Info Center Attachments

Both standard and user defined info centers support the new feature. It is amazingly simple and easy to use. Just click the upload button at the top of the attachments grid, select the file or files you want to attach, and voila! You can assign each of the attachments to a category if you want to, but it is not required. Each firm controls the values in the category drop-down via the info center attachments code table found in general configuration. 

Info center attachments are different from the files tab because the files tab is simply a link to somewhere else on your network. If that file or folder is moved, the link is broken. With info center attachments, the file is stored in the FILESTREAM database and is accessible by all info center users.

Info center attachments has been built using the same technology as Transactional Document Management or TDM, but there are some important differences. The attachments are stored in the FILESTREAM database. But, unlike TDM, any file type can be uploaded and stored in Vision. Also, the attachments are not converted to PDF like they are for TDM. Vision stores attachments in their native file format. One common question we receive about info center attachments is whether it will increase the size of the Vision database. It won’t increase the size of the Vision database, but it will increase the size of the FILESTREAM database. For customers that are concerned about individual file sizes, Vision 7.6 comes with a new miscellaneous general system setting to limit the size of FILESTREAM attachments. The default limit is 50MB per file, but you can decrease or increase this limit at any time.

The addition of info center attachments in Vision 7.6 allows the Vision record to be the one source for all of your information. You’ll be better equipped than ever to quickly and easily find what you need when you need it.


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