Remote Employees and a Successful Hiring Process

Posted by Heba Asaad on September 8, 2016

In today’s business world companies are hiring different types of employees. Some employees are located onsite, however, others are remote. Several studies have indicated that hiring remote employees is becoming more frequent and that many companies started to grow their remote workforce years ago, while others are testing the waters now. So how do we hire the right remote candidate?

When hiring remote employees, managerial focus will shift from focusing on how much time employees are spending in the office to how much they are getting done every day. Here are some key things to do during the interview process to make sure that you are hiring the right remote employee:

  1. Make sure you pick the right characteristics for working from home employees: Some of the must have characteristics is communication skills. Being a remote employee heavily relies on how you communicate with the external world.
  2. Make sure you have a hiring process that supports your remote goals: When hiring remote employees, candidate interviews mostly happen via a phone interview or a video interview, however, many hiring processes should be further refined by asking the remote candidate to do a trial test project or task to test how well they follow instructions, ask questions, and perform in a remote environment.
  3. Focus on goals and achievements rather than on physical presence: These can be measured by weekly updates on achievements and goals to focus on for the coming week. Setting short term goals example quarterly ones to keep everyone focused and the right software/solutions to keep track on time and performance recording.
  4. Ask behavioral and independent/organizational skills during the interview process: Measure to see what level of self-discipline they have when working. Having an assessment skills set will be able to show their work personality or how they get the job done./li>

After on boarding your remote employee, don’t forget about them. Make sure to invite them to headquarters and have team building exercises and in person meetings. Having this time with them in person is important in creating a more trustworthy bond and making them feel   a part of a team. Seeing everyone in the office will also give them that extra drive to work harder because they see all their co-workers working hard towards the same company goal. Based on the above, will the next era be highly reliant on hiring remote employees?