WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies

WorkMax is a cloud-based mobile workforce platform, composed of three modules, TIME, FORMS, and ASSETS, that integrates with Deltek ComputerEase. The WorkMax COMPLETE SUITE includes TIME, ASSETS, and FORMS and each is also available individually. WorkMax collects and shares live field data in one app to provide actionable insights into labor, job costs, production, equipment inventory and assignment, and field reporting. A key set of benefits for the user is improved project performance and safety while also controlling costs and driving efficiency. WorkMax’s integrated platform has unique workflows to prompt employees to enter critical field data on clock in or out or on task change to empower businesses to confidently make better decisions with accurate field data.


WorkMax TIME

WorkMax TIME is an easy-to-use cloud-based employee time tracking solution. WorkMax TIME provides accurate labor answers on any device for any size business in any industry. WorkMax TIME tracks employee hours, jobs, phases, categories, and units completed in real time to simplify job costing. Choose from three different workflows to collect and allocate job costs. WorkMax's powerful compiler calculates the most complex payrolls accurately and applies layers of multiple advanced rules to each employee's hours. WorkMax TIME can be purchased individually or as a suite with WorkMax FORMS and WorkMax ASSETS to manage your mobile workforce all in one app.



WorkMax FORMS is part of mobile workforce cloud platform that simplifies collecting and sharing field data. Forms with GPS, calculations, e-signatures, photos, and videos are easy-to-use and provide the ultimate accuracy. All forms are in one place for quick retrieval with the flexibility to present forms to just the employees that need them. Use with WorkMax TIME to prompt employees to fill out forms on clock In/Out and trigger a follow-up form based on responses to expedite data collection. Combine WorkMax FORMS with WorkMax ASSETS to track maintenance, breakage, or equipment safety all in one app with live field data.



WorkMax ASSETS is part of a mobile workforce cloud platform. WorkMax ASSETS automates equipment tracking and management across a business’ entire workforce anytime, anywhere, and on any device to reduce asset loss, optimize asset utilization, and accurately assign assets. WorkMax ASSETS simplifies asset management, inventory tracking, and asset utilization and allows you to assign assets to locations, employees, and projects. Combine WorkMax FORMS with WorkMax ASSETS to track maintenance, breakage, or equipment safety all in one app with live field data. The WorkMax COMPLETE SUITE includes TIME, FORMS, and ASSETS and is also available individually.