Ingentis provides HR Tech and HR Analytics software solutions. Founded in 1997, it today serves more than 2,000 customers across the world from its headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany and its subsidiary Ingentis Inc. located in Petaluma, CA, USA. Ingentis’ clients include companies of all sizes and industries.

Ingentis org.manager enables advanced org charting, efficient org design, and visual HR analytics for medium to large companies. orginio allows for automated org chart creation and workforce modeling in the cloud designed to serve the requirements of small and mid-sized businesses.



Ingentis org.manager is an efficient tool for org charts, design, and analytics. Custom, data-rich org charts can be created automatically providing a clear overview of organizational structures, relationships, and responsibilities. Important key metrics can be displayed in various forms, allowing for efficient HR analytics and controlling.  Its powerful modeling feature facilitates reorganizations by enabling the creation of multiple what-if scenarios based on the current organizational structure.

Additionally, the software offers a variety of data visualizations that are particularly useful when conducting organizational design activities.

It enables the creation and publication of custom org charts from Deltek within minutes.



orginio is an easy-to-use cloud application for the automated creation of org charts. It is focused on the requirements of small- and medium-sized companies. Structures can easily be updated by uploading data from Excel or by making changes directly in orginio. The tool displays structures of positions, employees, or organizational units as well as important KPIs within the org chart.

Additionally, it allows for easy workforce modeling via drag-an-drop based on the current organizational structure. Affected key metrics are updated automatically in the process.