Ingentis helps more than 2,000 customers worldwide to work more efficiently, respond more flexibly to universal change, and take advantage of their full performance potential.

The company's portfolio of groundbreaking software solutions combines the two areas of People Analytics and Org Design to leverage full human and organizational potential. Based on the company's core competence, Org Charting, and by following three simple tenets, "Visualize. Analyze. Optimize." Ingentis provides organizations with data-driven evaluation and forecasting methods, enabling them to design their human resources and organizational development effectively and efficiently.



Ingentis org.manager is a leading software solution for people analytics, org design, and org charting. It ensures transparency and clarity by providing and automating the process of visualizing HR and organizational data using Deltek Costpoint.

Companies can use Ingentis org.manager to analyze their current organizational, design target states, and optimize structures. Our software helps businesses uncover previously untapped potential and prepares them to tackle the rapidly changing business world with ever-growing demands on governance and performance. Popular use cases are M&A activities, analyzing and strengthening DEI initiatives, open headcount management, flight risk analysis, and more.



orginio is an easy-to-use cloud application for the automated creation of org charts. It is focused on the requirements of small- and medium-sized companies. Structures can be updated easily by uploading data from Excel or by making changes directly in orginio. The tool displays structures showing positions, employees, or organizational units as well as important KPIs within the org chart.

Additionally, users can easily model workforce and organizational changes using a drag-and-drop feature. Affected key metrics are updated automatically in the process.