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Thomson Reuters is a leading provider of business information services. Whether you’re a large, enterprise, or SMB company you can rely on innovative, information-enabled software & tools combined with the world’s most trusted content from Thomson Reuters. We help you excel at what you do every day. Founded in 1851, Thomson Reuters is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada with over 25,000 employees located globally. With an estimated revenue of $6B, Thomson Reuters serves 150+ markets globally, encompassing customers from Fortune 100, Global 7, and top 100 CPA firms.

Indirect Tax Determination

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination

Automate manual, repetitive work from your sales process, allowing you to focus on delivering value to your growing business. Built on native cloud technology, ONESOURCE Determination automatically calculates sales tax on transactions with accurate rates and taxability applied. Backed by trusted content, customers have access to tax information without worrying about manually researching tax law changes or paying large fees.

Expanding into additional states and countries or adding new products? As that complexity grows, so does the time to address it. ONESOURCE Determination has the most up-to-date content with real-time updates as regulations change across various product categories.

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ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance

Streamline tax compliance process with real-time tax rates and rules, customizable tools, and support for e-filing — plus powerful data reconciliation, adjustment, and reporting capabilities. You can choose federal, state, county, city, or district to meet the unique needs of your business.

For global companies, ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance automates value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), sales tax, excise taxes, and other international tax returns and statutory filings. This single, centralized solution aids a move beyond complex, country-specific spreadsheets to help you stay compliant wherever you do business internationally.

Sales and Use Compliance

ONESOURCE Exemption Certificate Management

Managing sales and use tax exemptions in multiple states can get complicated — missing, incorrect, or invalid sales and use tax exemption certificates can slow down sales and inflate tax assessments, or even trigger audits and costly penalties. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Certificate Manager manages the accurate tracking and validation of sales and use tax exemption certificates. It optimizes the certificate management process by increasing the efficiency of collection, validation, and reporting on sales and use tax exemption certificates.