Reducing time to Close by 30% & reducing time for audit process by 23% for customers - FloQast enhances the way accounting teams work, enabling customers to streamline and manage close management, account reconciliations, accounting operations and compliance activities. With FloQast, teams can utilize the latest advancements in AI technology to manage every aspect of the month-end Close, reduce their compliance burden, stay audit-ready, and improve accuracy, visibility, and collaboration throughout the financial function. Integrates with Costpoint, Maconomy & Vantagepoint via an SFTP integration.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

FloQast Close

FloQast™ Close provides a single place for your team to manage month-end Close tasks, enhance accountability, improve accuracy, and collaborate effectively from anywhere. With integrated sign-offs, automated trial balance tie-outs, and alerts if balances change, your team can ensure reporting is accurate and complete the first time. Improve transparency and collaboration by letting your team instantly view the status of all tasks, see notes, and easily communicate from wherever they are working. FloQast customers report an average 30% reduction in Close time, giving your team time to focus on more strategic projects by improving team coordination and automating workflows.


FloQast Compliance Management

FloQast™ Compliance Management reduces financial compliance complexity by streamlining financial controls together with the Close for always-on audit-ready compliance. Reduce complexity by embedding continuous control execution capture into critical business processes like the financial close for clear visibility into control ownership and execution. Push controls accountability where it belongs – with business process owners – while increasing visibility into testing status and control effectiveness. Reduce your audit burden with centralized audit evidence and testing, automating your PBC processes for better transparency, collaboration, and assurance.

Employee Retention Credit

FloQast Ops

​FloQast™ Ops is a workflow manager that extends the power of FloQast Close, providing greater control over accounting operations and optimizing workflows across every function. Drive centralized visibility by leveraging a centralized Accounting Ops Dashboard to manage by exception, balance workloads, and reduce stress related to missed deadlines and business disruptions. FloQast Ops allows your team to collaborate on tasks and share information seamlessly with colleagues and stakeholders on a single platform.