Deem’s business travel solutions are designed for the way companies control costs and apply policy, and for the way people travel for business.

Deem’s robust platform allows travel managers to customize their travel program and offer more efficient, streamlined service to travelers. When travelers are offered software that’s as beautiful, user friendly, and mobile as Deem, they love using it and stay in policy, helping companies save money.

Deem is wholly owned by Enterprise Holdings (EHI), the world’s largest car rental provider and an industry leader in mobility and technology. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices in Bangalore, India and Dublin, Ireland, and employees working remotely from around the U.S.

Deem Etta

Etta powered by Deem

With Etta, your travelers get an effortless and intuitive experience—and you get improved adoption and controlled spending. Give them the freedom to book the flights, hotels, and ground transportation they want within your company’s travel policy. Rather than facing problems when it’s too late (after the trip), we prevent the wrong stuff from being booked in the first place.

Deem Ground

Deem Ground

Deem Ground provides the only end-to-end ground transportation booking and management platform for corporate travel. With access to thousands of ground transportation providers, Deem helps corporations save money and gain visibility into their ground spend.

Travelers can search and book company preferred ground transportation providers on a single platform that applies policy, rate preferences and preferred providers through one online booking platform and mobile app.

Deem Ground integrates with Etta, Sabre Red App, Apollo Scripts, and all the major GDS platforms.

Deem Ettago

Etta Go

Etta Go is a mobile-first, self-service solution for corporations with small to mid-sized travel programs and fewer customization needs.

Etta Go is a proven platform, accessible via desktop and mobile, anywhere, anytime. The platform is easily self-configured by corporations in a matter of minutes and offers critical features travelers need to book and manage their trips.

Etta Go is designed to grow with the corporation – as their travel program expands, so does the travel booking and management experience.