Vena Solutions

Learn From the Leaders in Finance-Led Business Planning.

With the combination of Vena and Deltek Vantagepoint or Deltek Vision, integrate data in real time and perform finance-led planning processes, such as budget orchestration, agile forecasting, scenario modeling, reporting and analytics, financial consolidation and more. All with the tool you know and love—Excel!

Vena’s Excel interface combines unmatched, integrated planning capabilities with the world’s leading spreadsheet platform so cross-functional teams can work together under a shared vision. Vena gives you ease of use, flexibility, performance and scalability on a connected platform Over 800 of the world’s smartest companies map out their growth journeys with Vena.



Vena for FP&A delivers trusted numbers and insights – fast – so you can spend more time on value-added work and make better, faster business decisions. With Vena you can cut budgeting and planning times by over 50%, improve collaboration and gain new insights into your business, all with your favorite spreadsheet software.

Vena combines a powerful central database, real-time consolidation engine, and workflow to enable participants to plan and collaborate with confidence. Vena’s powerful modeling and reporting capability ensures the right decisions are made swiftly and exceptions don’t go undetected.


Financial Close Management

Vena for Financial Close Management cuts period-end accounting by days and simultaneously improves data integrity.

With Vena’s powerful workflow engine, you can design a process once, assign tasks to users, and repeat every period.

Avoid delays with role-based routing that automatically sends updates, approval requests and reports to those who need them.

You can automate currency conversion and reconciliations for intercompany activities, easily calculate minority interest, and instantly post entries to the proper location in your entity structure.

You can even generate and post last-minute journal entries, without having to go back to the source system and reload adjusted data.



Streamline your most complex financial consolidation processes with Vena.

Automate multi-entity processes such as currency conversions, minority interest calculations and intercompany transactions. Automatically consolidate top-side journals and intercompany elimination entries to spend less time closing books and more time analyzing the story behind your numbers.

Consolidate data into multiple hierarchies. Vena’s consolidation engine allows to instantly generate and view data at any level of your corporate hierarchy to move with agility.

Close books in record time with greater data integrity. Vena automatically pulls in financial, non-financial, internal, external data so you can trust the numbers you’re working with.