Fully integrated Purchasing, Production and Asset Management for Vision users requiring enhanced functionality. FMIS provides the tools to significantly reduce project timescales and improve profitability.

The software is flexible enough to work across almost any project based environment and is ideally suited to sectors such as Civil Engineering, Construction, Environmental, Oil and Energy.

Excellent integration with Vision avoids data duplication and provides full visibility of all project information for users in either system. Our clients benefit from 30 years’ industry experience and a strong track record of adding value to Vision internationally.

Enhanced Purchasing

FMIS Purchasing

FMIS Purchasing provides enhanced control over the whole buying cycle from purchase order approval through to goods receipt and invoice matching. In-built OCR scanning allows for fast, efficient bulk processing of invoices. Product catalogues and vendor management make ordering and tracking inventory or stock more efficient and cost effective.

Flexible workflows improve expenditure control and streamline approvals to avoid project delays. Effectively manage complex orders with partial deliveries or multiple vendors.

Users, vendors and projects are shared with Vision avoiding data duplication. All purchases are published to Vision providing a full purchase history and project visibility from either solution.

Production Control

Production Control

FMIS Production Control provides full Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) for your bespoke engineering or fabrication departments. Production Control enables Vision users to integrate Sales Order Processing, Purchasing Control, Stock, Inventory and Manufacturing Work Order Planning.

Integration with Vision CRM enables quotes and sales orders to drive demand either directly from stock or via requisitions. Complex engineering, manufacturing or sales BOM’s within FMIS enable an efficient production workflow for bespoke engineering, kitting and assembly.

JIT Stock Control for raw materials and sub-assemblies combined with forecast demand creates a demand/time profile within Production Control to effectively control production costs and meet deadlines.

Asset Management

Asset Management

FMIS Asset Management allows users to track, maintain and account for assets and equipment whether they are in the office, warehouse or out in the field.

Location tracking to multiple levels includes integrated barcode tagging. Easily record information such as warranties, service history, user or project allocation and the item’s status.

Equipment Maintenance (CMMS) allows users to schedule and carry out preventative and reactive maintenance with associated work orders for all jobs.

Enhanced Fixed Assets Management from FMIS integrates with both Vision and other FMIS modules to provide complete visibility and control over every stage of the asset life cycle.