Introhive provides AI powered solutions built for companies of all sizes and complexity. Take the guess work out of “who knows who” and grow the relationships you need to succeed. The upcoming integration with Deltek Vision and Deltek Vantagepoint will help managers save time and money with intelligent data automation. Introhive’s platform works for you to seamlessly boost productivity, technology adoption, marketing data quality and revenue.


Introhive Automate

Eliminate time consuming, manual data entry to free up 6+ hours every week per employee. In one click, harness the power of your network by syncing calls, meetings, emails and new/updated contacts from inbox to CRM.

Be better prepared for meetings with business and relationship intelligence with a rich, customizable Pre-Meeting Digest of customer intelligence automatically emailed to you the day of, saving time and delivering useful insights.

Immediately following a meeting, Introhive’s Post Meeting Note Capture is an automated email that provides a mechanism for logging notes, activities and assigning tasks to both yourself and colleagues.


Introhive Insights

Manage relationship intelligence in Introhive’s secure, scalable web interface.

Use AI to uncover and map the relationship intelligence you need to effectively generate revenue opportunities with new or existing accounts.

Take the guesswork out of “who knows who” to accurately plan and execute succession planning, and merger and acquisition account management. Managers love the ability to track the success of relationships on key accounts and conversely, see if there are lonely clients in your database.


Introhive Cleanse

Use multiple sources to build better client profiles – populate missing contacts, record updates, merge records, and more, based on current client interaction.

Save your database administrator or manager from having to clean up CRM data on a constant basis, and do so while staying compliant with data privacy laws.