InEight combines proven technology with a unified vision, delivering actionable insights and project certainty to more than 25,000 active users in more than 750 companies.

InEight solutions help Deltek customers visualize, estimate, manage, control and connect all aspects of project-focused businesses. With configurable, integrated and field-tested solutions, customers have the visibility and control required for on-budget and on-time project completion.

We help you take control of your projects and improve profitability by combining estimating, benchmarking, scheduling, budget management and forecasting.

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InEight Estimate

InEight® Estimate sets the standard for accuracy, performance and multi-user collaboration throughout the entire estimating and proposal process. InEight Estimate gives Deltek customers confidence, knowing the project can be completed for the budgeted cost. Acclaimed for its flexibility and depth of features, InEight Estimate can be used to create top-down or bottom-up estimates for projects of any size, across any market or discipline.