Employment Background Investigations

Employment Background Investigations, Inc.

EBI’s focus on technology and built-in compliance combined with its US-based operations and customer service enables Deltek customers to hire and maintain a compliant workforce.

EBI’s ISO 9001 and 27001 certified technology and quality management enables EBI to flex and adapt as Deltek customers’ needs change.

EBI’s solutions ensure Deltek Talent Management and Deltek Costpoint customers deploy compliant hiring processes as it relates to employment screening best practices and are meeting their customers’ requirements relative to screening employees prior to placing them on customer projects. The result: Deltek customers get their talent in the door and on projects quicker.

EBI for Deltek Talent Management

Maintaining a positive candidate experience throughout the talent acquisition process can make or break a candidate’s decision to join your company, not to mention the impact on your company brand. EBI for Deltek Talent Management not only preserves the candidate experience as they go through the employment screening process, but ensures you are adhering to compliance requirements and keeping your candidates’ data secure. EBI status updates provide proactive communications between recruiter and hiring manager. With EBI for Deltek Talent Management, you will hire better quality talent quicker and with confidence.

Deltek in the Cloud

EBI for Costpoint

Background, drug, and/or occupational health screening is often a requirement to place resources on projects. With EBI for Costpoint, Deltek clients can submit their screening requests directly from Costpoint. Screening packages can be designed to adhere to your customer requirements. EBI’s ISO certifications can be leveraged as a selling tool for you to win new business. EBI status updates provide proactive communications between you and your clients as to when resources can start on projects. Streamlining the process provides timely final reports so you can allocate project resources quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.