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Pricing Strategies for Government Contractors

Pricing Strategies for the Small Government Contractor

Learn pricing strategies to stay competitive and make money. Although these two objectives can sometimes seem to compete – here are tips for balancing the two.

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ERP Capabilities Review Manufacturing

Manufacturers, See How a New ERP System Can Handle Government Contract Projects

Manufacturers are notorious for prolonging the use of their legacy systems. Similar to those of us with automobiles that somehow keep running with only a few hundred dollars in annual repair costs, it is hard to change. However, unlike automobiles, continued legacy system usage can thwart progress and potential growth.

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irs tax forms

How to Respond to an IRS Letter 226J Statement of ACA Penalty

Putting speculation to rest post Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) tax reform approval, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Letter 226J to employers summarizing Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalties and required payments for infractions with the Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate (ESR).

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Budgeting and Planning

Government Project Budgeting and Planning

Tips and tricks on how project managers can optimize the project planning and budgeting process from proposal through final project delivery.

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Organizational Conflicts of Interest

What You Should Know About Organizational Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interest may prevent you from winning a public contract or may result in being removed from one! Learn about Conflicts of Interest and tips to avoid them.

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ERP for Government Contractors Project Managers

Three Ways an ERP System for Government Contractors Helps Project Managers

Project managers working on government contracts face the additional challenge of having to meet strict contractual compliance requirements, here’s how ERP for Government Contractors can help.

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Agency Whiteboard Writing

Incorporating Data Quality Checks into Your Performance Reporting Process

Understand the importance of creating and maintaining quality schedule and cost data for the life of a project. Along with a short list of tips to add schedule and cost data quality checks into the project control process.

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Manufacturing Traceability for DOD Government Contracts

Manufacturing Traceability for Those with DOD Contracts

A look at traceability and compliance in the manufacturing process for those with DOD government contracts and complex projects such as satellites, naval vessels and laser systems.

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Incurred Cost Submission

Incurred Cost Submission: Everything You Need to Know

Incurred Cost Submission is a requirement for all federal contractors holding cost-type or time and materials (T&M) contracts and a universal requirement regardless of agency customer.

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6 Advantages of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Government Contractors

For Contractors looking to gain an edge improving your facility's efficiency begins with accurately recording data, production, material usage, and personnel time. Adding a MES solution to your company accomplishes this feat with ease and precision.

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