Transforming Construction Management: NMC's Journey with Deltek ComputerEase

May 02, 2024

New Millennium Contractors Inc. (NMC) doesn’t just build structures; they craft legacies in the commercial specialized construction industry. Founded in 1999, NMC has come a long way from starting the business out of their family home in Taylorsville, Georgia to serving customers all over the world in their new office in Cartersville, Georgia. NMC began by providing installation services, but it wasn’t long before their expertise was noticed and the demand for the company’s high-quality work expanded. This specialized firm now offer services that include mezzanine installations, prefabricated offices/building/clean labs, modular buildings as well as material handling. NMC also provides powder coating, steel fabrication, material/installation relocation, pallet rack systems and conveyor platform installations. In their 25-year history, they have an impressive list of clients, that includes most of the top Fortune 100 companies and general contractors.

With the rapid growth of the company, NMC was looking for more robust construction accounting software that could keep up with their needs. The decision to transition from QuickBooks to Deltek ComputerEase was not just a software upgrade for them—it was a strategic investment in their future growth and efficiency. John Leonard, Owner and CEO at NMC described the decision to switch as easy, stating that “Quickbooks was not set up for our type of construction company like ComputerEase is.” Today, as New Millennium harnesses the power of Deltek ComputerEase, they're experiencing a paradigm shift in their operations. The cloud-based platform offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility, while the real-time job costing capabilities provide invaluable insights into project performance. John says, “Our accounting is a lot better and accounts payable and accounts receivable balance every month.” The Job Center dashboard has become their trusted companion, offering visibility and control like never before.

Job Costing Dashboards Enhance Decision Making

For NMC, precise job costing isn't just about tracking expenses—it's about gaining a comprehensive understanding of each project's financial health. With Deltek ComputerEase's robust job costing capabilities, NMC can meticulously allocate costs to specific projects, ensuring that every expense is accounted for accurately. This level of precision enables NMC to make informed decisions regarding budgeting, resource allocation and pricing strategies, ultimately leading to improved profitability and sustainability.

NMC uses Deltek ComputerEase's job costing dashboard to monitor project performance closely, identify trends and make data-driven decisions on the fly. Whether it's adjusting budgets, reallocating resources or renegotiating contracts, NMC can act swiftly and decisively to optimize project outcomes and mitigate financial challenges.


“After being in business for twenty-plus years using Quickbooks, I heard of ComputerEase from another contractor and checked into it a little over two years ago. I love how easy it is to learn and the controls it has to help my business run smoother.”

– John Leonard, Owner and CEO


Real-Time Data Leads to Improved Communication

Deltek ComputerEase serves as a dynamic tool for NMC, offering real-time visibility into the financial status of each project. Instead of relying on outdated or incomplete data, NMC can access up-to-the-minute information on project expenses, revenues and profitability directly from the dashboard. By using the notes section, they can quickly drill down on the specifics of a project, like who discussed a piece of the project and what day that conversation occurred. This enables project managers and financial stakeholders to identify potential issues or discrepancies early on and take proactive measures to address them, minimizing financial risks and maximizing project profitability. As a result, communication both internally among team members and externally with clients and partners is significantly enhanced.

Continued Focus on Financial Excellence

As New Millennium Contractors, Inc. continues its journey of growth and evolution, their dedication to maintaining meticulous control over job financial performance remains unwavering. Their partnership with Deltek ComputerEase exemplifies the profound impact of precision in project management and financial oversight. With Deltek ComputerEase serving as their steadfast financial solution, NMC continues to flourish, setting a formidable benchmark for excellence within the construction sector.


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