Franson Civil Engineers Streamlines Water Infrastructure Projects with Deltek Solutions

April 29, 2024
Franson Civil Engineers

Franson Civil Engineers, a prominent engineering firm established in 1989, has been at the forefront of designing and planning water infrastructure projects across the Intermountain West. With a focus on both agricultural and municipal water systems, their dedication to excellence and innovation has earned them recognition, including the prestigious National Rehabilitation Project of the Year for Dam Safety based on their work for the Piute Reservoir in Utah.

In an industry where efficiency and precision are paramount, Franson Civil Engineers has embraced modern technology to streamline operations. Kevin Franson, General Manager and COO, recognized the importance of integrated software solutions to enhance productivity and reduce costs. A Deltek customer for more than 20 years, Franson Civil Engineers uses several Deltek-integrated solutions to power their success throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Maximizing Efficiency and Cash Flow with Ajera

The firm uses Deltek Ajera for financial and project management. Timesheets, project invoices and employee records are all housed in the solution. "By using Ajera, we can manage billing, from the moment the work occurs (via timesheets) through to collection. The entire project accounting lifecycle is contained within the software. This saves us time, which allows for cost savings due to increased efficiency,” said Kevin.

Todd Adams, Project Success Manager at Franson Civil Engineers, highlights the benefits of using Ajera for project management. "The software's comprehensive features, including budgeting and backlog reporting, provide valuable insights into project timelines and resource allocation. With Ajera, the firm can identify and prioritize backlogged projects, ensuring efficient utilization of resources."

Furthermore, with the addition of Deltek Payments, Franson Civil Engineers has streamlined their accounts receivables (AR) process using i3’s Bill & Pay solution.  This product, enables digital payments, providing clients a secure way to pay quickly, conveniently and electronically with no waste or security issues associated with paper checks. Franson’s clients can now pay invoices online through a secure portal, reducing administrative overhead and improving cash flow management.

Further Powering Project Success with Deltek

While Ajera helps the firm with financial and project management processes, the firm integrates additional solutions to ensure a smooth project workflow.

Implementing Deltek PIM for email and document management has further enhanced efficiency and organization within the firm. Engineers can easily access and retrieve documents with a unified file storage system, saving time and reducing errors. "We were looking for a particular file this morning, and we went into PIM and searched using one word. We instantly found all the versions of this document," shares Todd. "It was easy to find and did not involve much looking around in folders."

The centralized repository in PIM ensures consistency in storing project files, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with disparate filing structures. "PIM helps you be more consistent in your filing system. In the past, every project manager set up their filing structure differently, making locating documents difficult. The process was inefficient, and it took a lot of time to figure out the individual filing structures of project managers, especially for engineers working with multiple teams. With PIM, there is only one folder system, making it easy to find documents quickly," remarked Todd.

Additionally, Franson's engineers depend on Deltek SpecText as a valuable technical resource for infrastructure, civil and water projects. SpecText guides them through the process of creating accurate specifications for the project manual, ensuring consistency across projects and engineers. This saves time, minimizes errors and contributes to the project's overall success.

Furthermore, the firm uses Vantagepoint CRM to retain and track metrics as well as details of project pursuits. "The tracking in the database allows for more focused pursuits and provides context for new pursuits,” said Kevin.

Benefits of Integrated Solutions

The decision to integrate Vantagepoint CRM with Ajera and PIM has proven to be instrumental in improving workflow efficiency. By integrating all these solutions, the firm minimizes double entry and ensures data consistency across platforms.

"We enter data into Vantagepoint and then it syncs to Ajera and PIM. Vantagepoint houses the marketing databases, employee resumes, project descriptions and potential opportunities, while Ajera houses the timesheets, project invoices and the back-end financial accounting for the firm. In addition, Ajera also holds the employee records. Eventually, all the data flows into PIM," said Kevin.

Advice For Firms Looking to Enhance Process Efficiency

"My advice for other firms seeking integration of solutions is to understand your processes and find software to address the largest percentage of those processes. Evaluate whether the software is just an "add-on" and not truly capable of smooth integrations. You need the software to integrate with solutions seamlessly,” remarked Kevin.

Franson Civil Engineers exemplifies how embracing technology can drive success in the engineering industry. By integrating Deltek's suite of software solutions, the firm has optimized project management, streamlined document management and enhanced client communication. As they continue to innovate and adapt to evolving industry trends, Franson Civil Engineers remains committed to delivering excellence in water infrastructure projects.


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