Introducing Deltek Unionpoint: An Integration Platform as a Service Specific to Project-Based Businesses

August 10, 2022
Lisa Rabideau
Lisa Rabideau
Sr. Director of Product Strategy
Deltek Unionpoint

Easier Integrations Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Project-based businesses of all sizes continue to seek business value from digital transformation initiatives, which means firms continue to focus on integrating disparate systems to behave and support business processes in an optimized and unified way.

Deltek is very familiar with the integration needs across the industries we serve and have been meeting those needs in various ways since our inception. Bret Tushaus, Deltek’s Vice President of Product Management, described this in a recent blog, “Whether through broad API coverage, extensibility functionality, or pre-built integrations, our customers have always had options to integrate their Deltek solutions with each other or with third-party systems.”

Today, we are excited to introduce another solution to help our customers with their integration needs Deltek Unionpoint.

Say Hello to Deltek Unionpoint An Integration Platform

Deltek Unionpoint, our new integration platform as a service (iPaaS), will expand the connectivity options for project-based businesses and open the door for Deltek Project Nation by providing easier integrations to a vast range of applications. It is based on the foundation of integration capabilities that Deltek already offers and gives customers the power to connect across our industry-specific products and between other point and best-of-breed solutions. It enables customers to do this in three ways:


#1: Empowering Citizen Integrators

Deltek Unionpoint is a powerful and intuitive no-code/low-code iPaaS solution platform supporting those firms who have citizen integrators (non-technical users) driving and creating cross-functional system integrations. Citizen integrators looking to quickly automate workflows to gain efficiencies can extend or build their own integrations with our platform’s user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality. 


#2: Utilizing New Deltek Product Connectors

As we launch our Deltek Unionpoint platform, we are also excited to release two Product Connectors ─ one for Deltek Vantagepoint and one for Deltek Talent Management. Product Connectors simplify the authentication process and provide triggers and actions which accelerate the creation or customization of integrations ─ speeding up the time between an idea for an integration and the execution. Additional Deltek Product Connectors are slated for release in early 2023 to support our customers and their integration needs.  


#3: Leveraging Third-Party Connectors

We’ve partnered with market-proven middleware vendor, Workato, so that our customers can tap into this vast ecosystem of community content ─ including public and custom connectors for solutions already in your technology stack. In the Deltek Unionpoint platform, you’ll be able to discover available third-party connectors, such as Slack and Hubspot, and connect or build an integration with your Deltek ERP solution.


Learn More About Deltek Unionpoint

Whether you are a citizen integrator in your firm or a business leader looking to get more value from your applications, Deltek Unionpoint gives you the power to connect SaaS products to one another, SaaS products to on-premise solutions, or on-premise solutions to one another. Visit to learn more about this powerful and intuitive cloud integration platform that gives you the power to build, deploy, and manage integrations to and from your Deltek solutions, helping you get the most out of your investment. To discuss how the Deltek Unionpoint platform can help you leverage the power of your firm's Deltek solutions, you can contact us to speak 1-on-1 with an expert today.


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