Maximize ArchiSnapper: Features & Functionalities to Explore

May 02, 2024
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager
ArchiSnapper: Features & Functionalities to Explore

Your life as an architect is a continuous juggling act, balancing project management, client interactions, project delivery and site visits. In this fast-paced environment, time becomes the scarcest resource. Deltek ArchiSnapper, is an invaluable tool in your software arsenal, helping you streamline workflows and optimize productivity. But what happens when you are not maximizing all product features, functionality, and resources available to streamline time-consuming fieldwork? Inefficiency is the result. In this blog post, we will look at some of the powerful features, functionality, and resources ArchiSnapper has available to ensure you are able to tackle everything without sacrificing valuable work hours.

Continuous Productivity: A Cohesive Desktop and Mobile Experience

One of the key benefits of ArchiSnapper is the seamless desktop and mobile user experience. Whether you are meeting with clients in the office, working from your laptop, or conducting a project site visit and collecting information to develop a field report, ArchiSnapper puts you in control with a seamless sync from desktop to mobile devices for ease of use and simplicity. Regardless of which device you are using, ArchiSnapper’s effortless data synchronization keeps you on top of your projects to quickly create digital field reports without wasting time transferring photos, handwritten notes or using antiquated drawing tools. This flexibility enhances productivity and enables you to access project information at your fingertips.

Desktop and mobile versions of ArchiSnapper are synced, you can pick up right where you
left off, regardless of the device you're using.

Improved Efficiencies with Cloning Capabilities

With the hectic pace of an architect's work, wouldn't it be great to have cloning capabilities? With ArchiSnapper, you can! An underutilized feature is the ability to clone reports and images to speed up the creation of new field reports. The ability to duplicate a previous report when starting a new field report offers several key benefits:

  • Time savings: Save significant time and effort and ensure consistent report structures, formatting, and boilerplate content.
  • Consistency and standardization: By using a previous report as a template, you ensure the new report is consistent and maintains standards across your organization's reporting requirements.
  • Reduced errors and omissions: When cloning a report, you carry over relevant information, reducing the risk of errors or omissions that may occur when manually entering data.
  • Version control and historical reference: Cloning a report creates a new version while preserving the original, allowing you to track changes, refer to previous versions, or refer to an earlier state if needed.

Overall, the ability to clone ArchiSnapper reports streamlines the reporting process, enhances consistency and accuracy, and promotes efficiency through content reuse for improved project delivery.

ArchiSnapper enables you to easily start a new report from a previous report.

Streamline Project Walkthroughs with Digital Annotation Capabilities

Optimize your on-site walkthrough and inspection processes with ArchiSnapper's mobile annotation capabilities. Capture deficiencies instantly by digitally marking up drawings from your device, eliminating the need for manual documentation and accelerating workflow. The app enables precise mapping by allowing you to annotate contractor deficiencies' exact locations on floor plans and drawings, supplemented with photographic evidence. This robust documentation ensures contractors can quickly identify and address defects, for timely resolution and boost productivity across your projects.

Easily record and annotate identified flaws by inserting pins onto the floor plan or drawing,
visually indicating the precise location of defects.

Maximize ArchiSnapper’s Capabilities

Humans are creatures of habit. Once we find a way to accomplish our essential tasks using software, we typically stick to that routine and workflow because it's comfortable and efficient enough for our needs. However, following this path leaves a lot of software power and capabilities untouched. While we've highlighted just a few of ArchiSnapper’s capabilities, we encourage users to leverage the entire spectrum of functionalities to extract maximum returns from your software investment and enhance operational efficiency.


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