Deltek Pros® Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Deltek Pros Program?

Deltek Pros is a unique program that helps Deltek customers find trusted professionals that are experienced in their industry's project-based needs and have expert knowledge of their Deltek solution. Learn more about the benefits of the Deltek Pros program.

How is the Deltek Pros Program different from QuickBooks® ProAdvisors?

Unlike the QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Program, the Deltek Pros program provides access to exclusive benefits, services, and support for your Deltek accounting system built specifically for project-based businesses. Our program helps small businesses maximize their use of Deltek accounting software to ensure they get the most from their investment.

Do I have to use the same partner for implementation and Deltek Pros services?

No, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea as oftentimes your solution implementation will include configuration for how you plan to execute back-office activities.

Are the Pros in the Deltek Pros directory employees of Deltek?

No. All Pros in the Deltek Pros program are employees of firms that have been heavily vetted as part of our ecosystem of trusted partners.

Can my Deltek Sales Rep help me with Deltek Pros pricing?

No. All Deltek Pros services are negotiated between you and the Pro.

Will you be adding more business services for more Deltek products to the Deltek Pros program?

Yes! The Deltek Pros program is expanding every day. Look out for announcements when we’ll be adding business services for more Deltek products on the Deltek Project Nation blog.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my Pro?

Please reach out to the Deltek Pros Authorized Member Firm with which your Pro is employed.

How do I become a Deltek Pro?

First, your company must become a Deltek Pros Authorized Member Firm. Then you can create a profile for each individual Pro in the Deltek Pros Directory.

Can I sign up as an individual Pro and not be affiliated with my company?

No, individuals must be affiliated with a Deltek Pros Authorized Member Firm that is already a partner to Deltek.

What are the benefits of becoming a Deltek Pros Authorized Member Firm?

Deltek Pros Authorized Member Firms have the opportunity to invigorate their pipeline and earn optional referral commissions by sharing leads with Deltek Sales. Individual Pros will be able to advertise their unique services and experience to both potential and current clients in the Deltek Pros directory.

How do I update my profile on the website?

On your Deltek Pro Profile page, hover over your profile photo, which will then read as "Request Edit." Click Request Edit, and a popup window will appear asking you to enter your email to request editing of your profile. Submit your email, and a new popup window will appear advising that you will receive instructions on how to edit the profile. The validation of email ensures that only the Pro can edit their own profile.

Do I need a Deltek Pro if I already have existing back-office staff?

With their combination of industry and product expertise, Deltek Pros provide the professional services that your back-office staff may not have the time or proficiency to execute efficiently. If your in-house staff already has the indispensable combination of professional, industry and product expertise you need, then a Deltek Pro would simply enhance your existing staff if you choose to do so.

Why would a Deltek Pro be more cost-effective to leverage than hiring a full-time staff member?

Deltek Pros already have the industry and product expertise required to manage your project accounting or financial operations, which means there is no training, onboarding or ramp up time required. And because Deltek Pros are part-time contactors, they do not impact your firm’s overhead costs as much as a full-time employee.

Do I need a Deltek Pro because Deltek products are too complicated or difficult to learn?

Not at all. Deltek Pros provide the indispensable combination of professional, industry and product expertise that helps you optimize firm operations so you can focus on mission-critical work. While your business is growing, you may be missing one of those elements in your current staff. For example, for growing Government Contractors that want to begin managing cost-plus contracts, your bookkeeper may not yet be proficient with the ins and outs of governmental compliance that is required for regular audits. That’s when a Deltek Pro provides the invaluable industry expertise that enables you to navigate the complexities that are unique to your industry. The same can be said for a firm that has experienced turnover and no longer has a skilled financial person on staff. A Deltek Pro would provide the experienced professional services that you need to manage the financial intricacies of your industry. The common denominator throughout is that Deltek Pros are also certified in your Deltek product and can more easily accomplish those services within the solution.

Could a Deltek Pro train my staff to be proficient in our Deltek solution?

Services vary by Pro. The best way to evaluate their fitness for your needs is to have that conversation with the Pro.

Are Deltek Pros available outside of the US?

As accounting processes and requirements differ by region, our Deltek Pros are currently only offered for US customers.