ERP for Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace engineers examining hardware


Whether you need to manage costs, globally streamline organizational practices, or ensure your business is government compliant, Deltek ERP solution for Aerospace and Defense can provide the support necessary to improve your business processes. With an integrated suite of products developed specifically for commercial and government contractors, Deltek ERP enables some of the world’s foremost Aerospace and Defense companies to win business and exceed project goals.

To retain and build business, Aerospace and Defense companies have to not only juggle multiple workflows, but they also have to adapt to a constantly changing political, technological, and industrial landscape. As a result, track and trace, earned value, visibility and agility in the manufacturing process is critical to success. Deltek PPM solutions – available on-premise or in the cloud - help A&D businesses proactively adapt to and address the changes ahead by providing easily-integrated, unified data repositories to dependably track, monitor and measure project progress and new business opportunities.