Deltek Helps Open Opportunities for Dräger at Government Hospitals

July 15, 2021

An Interview with Steve Menet, SVP of Sales & Tracy Phillips, Associate Field Director, Dräger

Dräger, an international leader in medical and safety technology and design of critical care spaces, is now the only vendor to be awarded a Non-Expendable (NX) Equipment Program requirements contract for Surgical Lighting Systems, listed by VHA’s Equipment Life Cycle Management (ELCM Annual Planning Cycle ( program in their National Equipment Catalog (NEC).

With the extensive range of solutions Dräger offers, it was a challenge for the company to find the best fitting opportunities across the federal government – and to do so with enough time to submit a competitive bid.

“We were finding out about RFPs (requests for proposals) too late and did not have enough advanced notice to interact with customers during their research phase,” said Tracy Phillips, Associate Field Director, Government Accounts for Dräger. “We needed a way to stay informed about opportunities that were in our medical and safety technology sweet spot. GovWin IQ from Deltek allows us to identify such opportunities much earlier in the procurement process.”

Valuable Government Contracting Data: From Pre-Solicitation to Post-Award

The problem Dräger faced is not uncommon in federal government contracting. Businesses that sell to the public sector often find that searching for announcements or waiting until new opportunities are posted to government websites or bid aggregators is a limiting strategy – often leading to missed opportunities.

That’s where the advanced notification of contracting opportunities from GovWin IQ became the perfect solution. The GovWin IQ platform tracks intelligence from government contracting opportunities from early pre-solicitation stages through the award phase. It provides information on expiring term contracts, pre-RFP intelligence forecasts, and planned, funded projects that have yet to go to bid up to five years in advance.


"GovWin IQ from Deltek has a tremendous amount of resources that our teams rely on – from pre-solicitation and post-award, to the analysts themselves, who are like an extension of our team."

– Steve Menet, SVP of Sales, Hospital Solutions, Dräger


“Our team finds the forecast pre-RFP postings to be extremely valuable,” said Phillips. “It allows Dräger professionals to connect with key decision-makers and teaming partners early in the procurement process. The opportunities we have already secured confirm that GovWin was a smart investment.”

Leveraging Deltek’s Dedicated Analyst Team

With nearly 120 years of experience supporting hospitals, Dräger has learned a lot about the challenges hospitals face. That’s why they design their products and services to help hospitals improve clinical outcomes, manage costs, enhance the patient experience and boost staff satisfaction – with the goal of providing the best possible value for their customers.

Similarly, Dräger appreciates the high level of customer support they receive with their GovWin IQ subscription, which helps them use the platform to its fullest potential. In addition to providing access to regular opportunity updates, Dräger can leverage the GovWin IQ dedicated analyst team to expand their industry knowledge.

“We have weekly team calls with Deltek on the line, which helps us continue to deepen our knowledge of the GovWin platform and how to better utilize it,” said Phillips. “We view our dedicated Deltek customer success manager almost as a virtual member of our team. Her assistance has been invaluable with onboarding, training and research support.”


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