GovWin IQ Wrapped: 2023 Year in Review

January 09, 2024
Logan Ferro
Logan Ferro
Product Marketing Manager
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Every year, the product team behind Deltek’s GovWin IQ platform of government market intelligence is challenged to deliver exciting enhancements to our solution, giving our customers the tools to help them reach their growth goals. This year, GovWin IQ made tremendous investments into our solution – including the latest in generative AI technology to make our content more digestible and actionable than ever before.

Here are just a few of the many enhancements unveiled in 2023 that are helping GovWin IQ customers power their success.

2023 Product Enhancements

GovWin IQ’s Small Business Resource Center

Working with the government in general is challenging and even more as a small business with limited resources or just stepping into this market. The Small Business Resource Center makes finding tools to help navigate the dense, ever-changing market easier.

The Small Business Resource Center is a centralized dashboard that curates GovWin data and free external resources built for small businesses. Contents include GovWin searches, reports, articles developed by our team of market experts and analysts; in addition to pulling government-published resources from various websites to a centralized hub.

Some notable features of the Small Business Resource Center include the ability to:

  • Easily find relevant opportunities, SBIR/STTR awards, teaming partners, contacts relevant to small businesses with pre-built searches
  • Identify relevant government agency research, spending data, oversight and compliance updates, news, and analysis
  • Leverage educational materials, guides, thought leadership events, and more to optimize your business

Enhanced Navigation & Search Suggestions

GovWin IQ is a robust solution that offers users access to millions of opportunities, contracts and procurement documents from a single source. To search these content types, users need to apply filters to build searches relevant to their needs, which delivers relevant search results tailored to their business.

Users love the amount of control they have over Advanced Search filters but then naturally requested a better way to quickly search. Our 2023 enhancement allows users to access the information they’re looking for easier than ever by simplifying our navigation and introducing suggestive quick search to get users to their end point as efficiently as possible.

Key highlights of this release include the ability to:

  • Leverage our Search Suggestions to jump straight to an opportunity or run a recommended search instantly
  • Navigate to links that previously only lived on My GovWin homepage from the My GovWin drop down and view notifications without drilling into a link
  • Quickly manage your account settings from the user drop-down
  • Recall easier with Recent Activity readily available

Smart Summaries: Data Synthesis Powered by Generative AI

With the mass uptick in AI activity this past year, the GovWin IQ team was excited to bring generative AI technology to the analyst-monitored datasets we’re known for in the form of Smart Summaries. Smart Summaries allows GovWin customers to pull dense profiles data and details into a concise executive briefing, created with the push of a button.

Agency and Government Profiles are critical for strategic planning because they aid users in understanding the market they are pursuing by consolidating spending details to a single centralized hub. In understanding their buyers, organizations can plan effectively when evaluating diversifying their portfolios and pursue government agencies with confidence. By summarizing federal Agency Profiles, Contract Awards, Task Orders, and SLED Government Profiles at a high level and arming users with the ability to instantly share these insights with their teams, they can spend less time identifying the details and more time making informed pursuit decisions.

Smart Summaries of Federal Agency Profiles include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Top Contractors and Spend Categories
  • Top Contract Vehicles and Purchasing Methods
  • Use of Small Business and Small Business Programs
  • Recent Contract and Task Order Awards
  • Conclusion

Smart Summaries of SLED Government Profiles include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Trends in Revenue
  • Trends in Expenditures
  • Top Bid Categories
  • Top contractors
  • Recent Contracts
  • Conclusion

Contract and Task Order Awards aid users in identifying proactive opportunities by signaling expiring contracts coming up for recompete. By understanding historical data, users can glean insights into who their competition is and understand their buyer’s needs to make informed pursuit decisions.

  • Smart Summaries for Federal Contract Awards include:
  • Contract Summary
  • Award Value, Spending and Period of Performance
  • Contract Details
  • Place of Performance
  • Modifications
  • Subcontract Awards
  • Task Orders
  • Related Opportunities
  • Related Documents

Smart Summaries for Task Order Awards include:

  • Task Order Summary
  • Award Value, Spending, and Period of Performance
  • Task Order Details
  • Modifications
  • Subcontract Awards
  • Contract Information
  • Program Information

Subcontracting Opportunities

With the amount of federal spending increasing and the number of prime contractors decreasing, subcontracting and teaming agreements are becoming a popular avenue for public sector growth. GovWin IQ’s team of approximately 150 market analysts review every notice and now have added a qualifying step to call out subcontractor opportunities explicitly with a badge users can search on. This ensures lead validity and speeds up opportunity identification so teams can start go/no-go qualification earlier. 


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In today's fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the competition often hinges on innovation and adaptability. For GovWin IQ, the key to success lies in expanding the application of artificial intelligence, continually streamlining and improving the user experience, and offering fresh, relevant content and capabilities, as our team did in 2023.

As the year comes to an end, the GovWin IQ product team is excited to continue our innovative momentum as we enter 2024 and look forward to helping users grow their government business.