What Federal, State, Local and Education Government Data Does GovWin IQ Cover?

January 26, 2023
GovWin IQ Federal and SLED Government Data Coverage

Subscribers to GovWin IQ already know that Deltek's industry-leading platform of market intelligence has the most complete dataset across the U.S federal, state, local and Canadian public sectors along with the analyst support necessary to get ahead of the competition. But other businesses selling to the government might not be aware of all of the different data types, coverage levels and information sets that your subscription can contain – or why all of that information is vital to succeed in the government market.

In this blog we have taken a quick review of the many data types that are included within GovWin IQ Federal and SLED subscriptions, and how they can be leveraged to find and win more government contracts.

Federal Government Contracting Data Sets

So what all does GovWin IQ offer to help you with federal contracting? Of course, you will be able to access our vast contracts database, containing all active and historical prime contracts awarded by the federal government since 1999. Along with that you’ll be able to access thousands of federal government documents gathered by GovWin research analysts in that time frame, which can include RFPs, RFIs, labor rate documentation, presentations from Industry Days, sign-in sheets, and FOIA requests.

However, succeeding in the federal market means going beyond the bid, which is why our data goes deeper than contracts and documents. Being able to leverage information like historic labor rates and task orders can help you move from being reactive to proactive when it comes to sourcing new opportunities, and intelligence on government and company profiles helps your business better know the competition and the government entity for your opportunities of interest. Here is a sampling of the data you can expect when you sign up for one of our GovWin IQ federal subscriptions.

  • Company Profiles: In-depth intelligence, including firmographics and expenditure data, for 2 million+ companies registered to do business with the government.
  • Contacts Database: Expansive government officials’ contact information with the ability to dissect the data and filter information to develop lists. Contact information can include: agency, department, office, division, physical location, title, role, phone number, and email address.
  • Government Profiles: Comprehensive intelligence on hundreds of agencies with data points that can include items like budgets, historical expenditures, spending trends, top contractors, awarded contracts, active opportunities, and contacts.
  • Labor Pricing Database: Labor rates benchmarked against millions of current, projected, and historical rates from thousands of vendors and contracts and hundreds of programs. Labor rates are collected via GSAs, FOIAs and research.
  • Organization Charts: Discover government hierarchies with detailed contact information, which can include physical location, title, role, phone number, email address and current associated procurements.
  • Task Orders Database: Users can research, analyze, and track millions of active and historical awarded task orders from hundreds of program schedules (i.e. GWACS, IDIQs, GSA).
  • Tracked Opportunities Database: Federal opportunities tracked 12-48 months before the RFP, 65% of which are identified before they are posted to SAM.gov or other government procurement sites.
  • Vendor Program Manager Database: Detailed data on thousands of vendor program managers tied to thousands of programs (i.e. GWACs, IDIQs, and GSA) reviewed and added by our expert research analysts.
  • Spending Analytics: Size up the market for your products and services in a matter of seconds with spending insights on 46+ million reported federal contract transactions.
  • My Smart Fit Score: Score opportunities based on historical contract award data to quickly identify best fit leads, determine the competitive landscape around an opportunity, and make better bid/no-bid decisions.

State, Local and Education Government Contracting Data Sets

Deltek’s GovWin IQ solution captures 95% of public sector spending across the entirety of the state, local, and education (SLED) market. By signing up for one of GovWin’s SLED subscriptions, you will become equipped with the tools you need to proactively grow your business with early opportunity identification, key agency contacts information, detailed competitive intelligence, and access to a dedicated support team.

GovWin’s SLED database contains millions of detailed bids, RFPs, documents, bid tabulations, and updates from the most comprehensive dataset of states, counties, cities, trial agencies, special districts, education districts, and more. On top of those opportunities, you’ll have access to lead alerts, which include more than 1.4 million pre-RFP opportunities pulled from capital improvement plans and budgets, which can include value, timeline, vertical, and place of performance.

But GovWin’s SLED contracting data goes well beyond just bids and RFPs. It offers the critical information you need to plan your sales pipelines well in advance, and to equip your team with the knowledge you need to win the government opportunities you are targeting. Here are some of the other SLED data types contained within our SLED offerings.

  • Tracked Opportunities: Over 25,000 detailed analyst-tracked and updated opportunities (pre-RFP to Award) major IT and professional services projects across all levels of government.
  • Company Profiles: Key intelligence over 2 million thorough organization profiles and their contracts.
  • Contacts Database: More than 530,000 government contacts with comprehensive data including title, role, phone number, email address and physical location.
  • Contracts Database: Detailed term contract awards and bid tabulations from a variety of agencies nationwide. Bid tabulations are included with approximately 65% of term contract data.
  • Document Library: Over 9 million government documents gathered by GovWin research analysts since 1999. Documents can include solicitation and source selection documents, bid tabulations and bidders lists, budgets, amendments, FOIA requests and many other document types.
  • Government Profiles: Comprehensive intelligence on all state agencies with access to budgets, opportunities, top contracts, state checkbooks and procurement guidelines. Subscribers to our SLED Advanced package will also get access to unique data analysis tools.
  • Government Snapshots: Profiles for more than 100,000 local governments and education institutions reviewed capturing population, expenditures, revenue, employees, fiscal year end, growth trends, key contacts, agency news and more.
  • Vertical Profiles: In-depth industry analysis for Community Development, Economic Development/Regulation, General Government Services, Health Care, Higher Education, Justice/Public Safety & Homeland Security, Natural Resources/Environment, Primary/Secondary Education, Public Finance, Public Utilities, Social Services and Transportation.
  • Registration Manager: Track active/expired agency registrations and quickly review recommended registrations based on your saved searches, marked opportunities, and marked governments.
  • Market Analysis: In-depth research and analysis of procurement trends and issues, with reports that provide market sizing, forecasting, and insight to support business development planning.

If you aren’t a subscriber to Deltek’s GovWin IQ offerings, and you are ready to see for yourself how access to our vast database of government contracting information can help your business, click the link below to try GovWin today.


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