Three Reasons to Add Deltek Certifications to Your Post-Virtual Insight Checklist

Posted by Deltek on October 12, 2020

Deltek Certified Insight 2020

We’re excited to announce that we’ve once again waived our standard certification exam fees for Insight attendees. We had such an overwhelming response at last year’s conference that we’ve brought the promotion back for Deltek Project Nation to build critical skills and to showcase their product knowledge again this year.

As a registered Virtual Deltek Insight 2020 attendee, you not only can get certified for free, you also have access to On Demand content and designated product study guides, available within the certification exam portal, from now until the end of the year.

As part of this promotion, Deltek University is offering product certifications for Deltek Acumen (Risk & Fuse), Ajera, Cobra, Costpoint, Open Plan, Project Information Management (PIM), Vantagepoint, Vision and wInsight where you can either get master certified or select from specific product module exams. No matter which option you take, here are three important reasons to add Deltek Certifications to your post-Insight checklist.


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#1 Take Advantage of This Complimentary Offer

There’s no time like the present to prepare for your certification exam take advantage of this Deltek Insight offer, available to registered attendees now through December 31. Over 1,400 Deltek customers have taken advantage of this opportunity and completed their certification exams this year.

You can choose from 25 exams, across nine products – seven of which have been newly created for Virtual Deltek Insight to provide the most comprehensive list of certification exams for Deltek users. Just follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to becoming Deltek Certified. 

  1. Register or log in to to activate the promotion
  2. Click on “Get Certified” from the navigation menu and follow the instructions to get started
  3. In the certification exam portal, find the Deltek product certification you wish to obtain
  4. Review the study guides and prepare for the exam
  5. Register and take your exam

#2 Enhance Your Business Value

We launched a similar Deltek Certification offer earlier this year as Deltek Project Nation members adjusted to their new normal due to the global pandemic. It was a chance to give product users the ability to brush up on new skills, focus on professional learning, and make better use of time as projects shifted. Despite not being together at Insight this year, we felt attendees could still benefit from providing another opportunity to get certified for free!

Beyond the credentials of being Deltek Certified, this program offers so much more for users, including building new technical skills, showcasing expertise, and validating Deltek product knowledge to current or prospective employers. It’s a certification that deserves notice within the industries we serve.

#3 Showcase Your Expertise and Celebrate

Upon successful completion of the certification exam, you’ll receive an email from Deltek University with a link to the certification badge and a certificate of completion. Not only do professional certifications and credentials allow you to amplify your success, but they should be part of your professional development year-round.

Then depending on what social media channels you prefer to post your accomplishments to, you can share your Deltek Certified status and celebrate with your colleagues, professional network, friends and family virtually! 

Get started today and get Deltek Certified for free through December 31, 2020. If you have any questions or need help as you prepare, please feel free to contact us.

Additionally, if you want to extend your Virtual Deltek Insight learning experience, we are also offering post-conference training workshops that offer hands-on learning, in a completely virtual learning lab environment. You can learn more about Deltek University, the Deltek Learning Zone training platform, product certifications and additional learning opportunities at