Henry Adams Streamlines Specifications and Fuels Growth with Deltek

April 17, 2024
Henry Adams Customer Story

In an insightful interview, Jeanne S. Tebera, PE, CFPS, Principal and Senior Electrical Engineer at HENRY ADAMS, LLC discusses her experience with AIA MasterSpec® powered by Deltek Specpoint. As a long-standing customer, HENRY ADAMS also leverages Deltek’s GovWin IQ solution to fuel the firm’s growth with public sector projects.

Expertise in Action: Commitment to Quality

Jeanne's expertise, spanning electrical engineering and fire protection, shines in projects that have left an indelible mark. Notably, she played a pivotal role in the design of fire alarm, power distribution, lighting, and lighting controls for the Baltimore Convention Center—a venue renowned for its 300,000 square feet of contiguous exhibition space, 85,000 square feet of meeting space, and a multifunctional 36,672-square-foot ballroom. The Baltimore Convention Center, a hub for professional events, has become an architectural masterpiece contributing to Baltimore's reputation as a premier destination.

With a proactive approach to code compliance, Jeanne underscores her commitment to ensuring that specifications align seamlessly with emerging changes to codes and standards. She shares, "I attend code seminars and stay ahead of upcoming changes to reduce the likelihood of non-compliant installations and ensure that AIA MasterSpec® powered by Deltek Specpoint remains a reliable guide for professionals aiming for excellence."

MasterSpec: A Beacon of Industry Standards

The challenges inherent in specification writing, including the critical issue of institutional knowledge gaps during retirements or workforce changes, are candidly acknowledged by Jeanne.

Reflecting on MasterSpec's value, Jeanne appreciates the ability to ease the burden of researching code updates, particularly for those less focused in that area. Jeanne says, "MasterSpec makes it easier to create specifications and helps writers ensure they follow the latest industry codes and regulations.”

MasterSpec's divisions provide a structured framework, enabling architects and engineers to develop detailed, standardized specifications. The divisions address the challenge of deciphering complex specifications and ensuring a clear understanding among all project stakeholders.

While providing a standardized framework, MasterSpec allows customization to meet the unique needs of different construction projects. Architects and engineers can modify specifications for specific materials, methods, or project goals. The added benefit of editor's notes and supporting documents fosters a nuanced understanding of specifications, providing valuable insights for experienced and novice spec writers.


“MasterSpec's value lies in its ability to simplify construction with clear, standardized specifications.”

– Jeanne S. Tebera, PE, CFPS, Principal and Senior Electrical Engineer at HENRY ADAMS, LLC


In addition, MasterSpec is not just a repository of specifications; it sets high standards for materials and quality. This commitment ensures the durability of construction projects, fostering a culture of excellence in the industry. MasterSpec contributes to the success and longevity of construction projects by providing a benchmark for the quality of materials used.


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Peer Review: Elevating Specifications

In construction, staying informed about upcoming changes to codes and regulations is crucial, given the frequent code revision cycles in the industry. When codes and regulations lag, it can lead to outdated practices, potential safety hazards, and a lack of alignment with industry advancements.

As the Chair of the Electrical MasterSpec Engineering Review Committee (eMERC), Jeanne illuminates the impact MasterSpec has on streamlining, updating, and elevating the specification process.

Jeanne’s committee oversees the review of the electrical, communications, and electronic safety and security divisions. Collaborating closely with the Deltek specification writing team, the eMERC review committee helps ensure the specification sections in these divisions stay current.


“This peer-reviewed approach ensures the specifications are accurate and reflect the collective wisdom and experience of seasoned professionals, contributing to MasterSpec’s reputation as a gold standard in the industry.”

– Jeanne S. Tebera, PE, CFPS, Principal and Senior Electrical Engineer at HENRY ADAMS, LLC


GovWin IQ: Simplifying Searches for Federal Opportunities

Beyond specification writing, HENRY ADAMS has been able to leverage Deltek’s solutions across the entirety of the government contracting lifecycle. Being based in the National Capital Region, the company does business with both federal and local governments on the east coast, including the GSA (General Services Administration), DGS (Department of General Services) and NIH (National Institutes of Health).

In order to more easily identify new federal opportunities, HENRY ADAMS has used Deltek’s GovWin IQ platform of government market intelligence to search for federal and SLED opportunities and to forecast potential contracts that will be available within their region. “GovWin IQ has been the source for many IDIQ contracts that have resulted in various task order contracts over the years,” Jeanne says.

Jeanne and the business development team at HENRY ADAMS have appreciated the ability to drill down while searching for opportunities to target what best fits their firm. “The Smart Fit Score feature has been especially helpful as it can simplify the research process even further,” Jeanne adds. “The addition of Suggested Filters has also been beneficial.”


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Steering Successful Construction Projects

In summary, leveraging AIA MasterSpec powered by Deltek Specpoint guarantees consistency and streamlines collaboration with specifications. Coupled with GovWin IQ, HENRY ADAMS gains access to invaluable government market insights, enabling them to scout federal and SLED opportunities and forecast upcoming contracts in their region.

Jeanne concludes by emphasizing MasterSpec's contribution to the industry, providing a reliable and comprehensive tool for specification writers at HENRY ADAMS and beyond. The ability to simplify research and ensure compliance with construction codes and standards underscores its pivotal role in steering successful construction projects from inception to completion.



HENRY ADAMS, LLC, consulting engineers, offer HVAC, plumbing, electrical, telecommunications, security, and fire protection engineering services as well as construction administration and commissioning services for various clients and facilities. Their experienced and creative staff design safe, operable, and enjoyable environments that contribute to their client's successes by solving their unique challenges, ensuring long-term sustainability, and creating high-performance facilities. They earn the trust and confidence of their clients and believe their commitment to every project distinguishes them.