Optimize Construction Efficiency with the Latest from ComputerEase Field

April 22, 2024
Dinah Ribarsky
Dinah Ribarsky
Product Marketing Manager
Optimize Construction Efficiency with ComputerEase Field

Construction firms that leverage mobile field management software experience many advantages compared to their counterparts who may be relying on manual, disconnected methods. From facilitating collaboration between the field and office to streamlining workforce engagement and more, there are many benefits that a mobile application like Deltek ComputerEase Field can unlock for your business. Now with the release of ComputerEase Field 2.0, there are even more ways to unlock greater efficiency and stay competitive in today’s demanding construction environment. Continue reading to learn more about the updates in this release, including optimized application user access and improved geolocation time tracking.

A Field App Where and When you Need It

ComputerEase Field is designed for ultimate ease-of-use, streamlining and automating user actions for simplified time and expense management on the go. With the focus of building an application that can meet users wherever they are, the latest release of ComputerEase Field now offers the ability to access the app via a new web browser user interface (UI). Complimenting the existing ComputerEase Field mobile application, this new browser-based experience delivers Field functionality to any device with ease without the need for installation. Created with construction professionals such as supervisors and project managers in mind, the ComputerEase Field web UI provides seamless access, particularly for those who use laptops when on the job site. With this release, your on-site workers can now leverage the great features of ComputerEase Field, regardless of their preferred device.

Web UIComputerEase Field Web Browser User Interface

Enhanced Geolocation Time Tracking

ComputerEase Field Time simplifies data collection by offering flexible mobile time entry and geolocation time tracking, built for on-the-job convenience and accuracy. In the latest release of ComputerEase Field, we’re delivering even better time management by attaching geolocation data to every job, regardless of how or when an entry was created. This enhancement eliminates the necessity for employees to be physically present on-site or engage with geofencing alerts in order to include geolocation in their time entries. With manual entries also benefiting from geolocation data, firms can realize even greater data accuracy and further streamline worker engagement.

Time EntryComputerEase Field Time Entries

By equipping crew members with mobile field management solutions, construction firms can minimize delays, reduce operational costs, and improve overall productivity. Ensure you’re delivering the modern solutions that empower your workforce with ComputerEase Field.


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