Bringing Teams Together to Deliver Better Projects

Posted by Deltek on March 26, 2020

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Enabling Productivity Through Collaboration

Teamwork is by far one of the most important aspects of today’s workplace, and through the adoption of modern technologies, team members are able to work together in real-time from anywhere. As our workplace norms continue to evolve, it is important for businesses large and small to understand what collaborative solutions are available and how they can enable productivity.

Collaboration technology may show up in places you may not even expect it. Whether it is through easy document sharing, instant feedback and automatic notifications or faster review and approval of marketing and creative work, collaboration software makes working together easier than ever.  

Deltek solutions are designed for companies—often with distributed team members—that need to capture, store and manage documents. By centralizing project and firm-wide files all in one location, teams have the information they need to run their business smarter and more profitably.

Whether collaborating internally or externally, being able to work together more efficiently, can help solve problems more quickly and deliver better projects. Deltek recognizes the importance of collaboration and makes it a priority to incorporate features that support these efforts across many of our products.

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WorkBook Collaboration Features

Building a Stronger Client Relationship Through Collaboration and Transparency

Deltek Agency Solutions allow agencies to provide their clients with the transparency they want and simple tools they need to participate in the creative process. With WorkBook and ConceptShare’s built-in collaboration features clients are able to participate in project-related conversations and share files that are automatically stored within the appropriate job or task.  

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PPM Panel Insight 2019

How to Navigate the Top 3 Project Management Challenges and Achieve Better Project Success

According to the 2019 Clarity Government Contracting Industry Report, Collaboration and Communication ranked second when it came to project management challenges. Identifying collaboration tools and communication methods that are efficient as well as effective will positively position project teams to overcome this challenge.

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PIM Collaboration Features

Introducing Deltek Collaboration: Empower Teams to Communicate More Effectively

By integrating Deltek Collaboration with Deltek PIM solution, companies can take project information management to the next level. Allows for project teams to provide direct feedback, consolidate conversations, and participate in more collaborative and intuitive ways of working. 

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Costpoint BI Collaboration Features

What to Consider When Evaluating ERP with Business Intelligence Capabilities 

Costpoint Business Intelligence provides contextual, real-time project information out of the box to help drive faster decision-making and promote collaboration. Discover how Costpoint’s role-based dashboards, geared toward project and business managers, can help bring project data to life with compelling visualizations in a secure environment.  

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