Deltek Project Nation Is In It Together!

Posted by Project Nation Guest Author on December 3, 2019

Mike Robbins Insight 2019

By Mike Robbins, Author, Thought Leader and Team/Executive Leadership Coach

Recently, I joined #TeamDeltek for their annual user-conference Insight 2019 in Orlando, Florida. It was an amazing event that brought together their customers, partners and employees for 4-days of sessions, networking and fun. It was part education, part inspiration and part experience.

During the conference, I saw and heard many key themes that mirror the same ideas I’ve been researching for my next book, We’re All In This Together (due out in May).  Deltek leaders and employees continuously talk about and evolve how they build trust and collaborate to execute at highest level. This has a direct impact on how they support their customers.

I’ve been working with Deltek for several years now and it’s evident they are passionate about this customer community which they call Deltek Project Nation. And Deltek is genuinely committed to celebrating this community. The place where I saw this show up the most was during Monday’s General Session and the MVP Awards.  I got to play a small part in hosting the awards ceremony and appreciate that Deltek took the time to show gratitude to their customers in front of a crowd of 3,500 attendees.  (See the below image for my role which, yes, included wearing a Deltek blue tuxedo for the awards ceremony!)

Mike Robbins Deltek Insight 2019

Photo Caption: Mike Robbins, Deltek Insight 2019 Host, Kicking off Deltek MVP Awards 

The people and companies that use Deltek are so diverse – there couldn’t be just one winner. Deltek takes the time to recognize small companies that are accomplishing big things, large companies that are solving global problems, partner-led projects as well as industry-specific companies that are moving the needle with Deltek. They really are all in it together to help companies realize their potential.  

The Deltek Project Nation community has walked away from this event with more knowledge on how to use their products, how to stay connected with each other and Deltek, but also with memories and experiences to last a lifetime.

I am grateful to be a part of Deltek Project Nation. I know Deltek is grateful for each employee and customer, and for everyone that helped make Insight 2019 happen.

Thank you, Deltek Project Nation!


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Mike Robbins is an expert in teamwork, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Mike draws on more than 19 years' experience working with top teams and organizations like Google and Microsoft, as well as his athletic career for the Kansas City Royals.