Preparing Your Government Contracting Business For Next Year and Beyond

Posted by Deltek on September 16, 2019

Fiscal End of Year

A new year is a time to create new ideas and soar to new heights. As federal government agencies closeout the federal fiscal year, it is time to start preparing for future success, which can be a daunting task without the appropriate tools and support.

Planning for Future Success

While any time of the year is a great time to win more contracts, you need the planning capabilities, past and forecasting data, and the manpower to successfully manage new projects. You need real-time visibility into all projects from concept to completion. Deltek’s cloud-based ERP solution, Costpoint, is built to meet the needs of government contractors.

Respected by federal agencies, Costpoint is a cloud-based, full ERP solution that is transforming how small and mid-sized government contractors do business. Guiding users through the entire project lifecycle of win, manage, develop, deliver, and measure, Costpoint was built even for small businesses – to scale, adapt, and evolve as they grow to achieve performance, while maximizing productivity and revenue.

Do you have the right tools to move the needle? Many organizations in the government contracting space, utilize numerous data sources to answer questions and lead ineffective decision-making. However, with customized tools for government contractors, you can analyze last year’s data to determine which projects were most profitable and then use this information to target bids in the New Year.

Did you know that 40% of Costpoint’s customers have under 100 employees? As the New Year rolls around, it is important to position your company in the best light possible, to remain competitive.

To aid in this process, Deltek helps small to mid-sized government contractors digitally transform their business and power project success through the full ERP, cloud-based solution that encompasses the entire project lifecycle.

Now is the time to get organized and make sure there is complete visibility into your company’s financial performance, project management, inventory management, and employee performance. Deltek’s Costpoint cloud-based solution provides the structure and organization that all small business government contractors need – a single, integrated solution that serves numerous day-to-day business functions.

Here are three small business solutions for government contractors that may fit your needs:

  • Deltek Now: Provides the smallest government contractors with an easy way to access Costpoint, packaged and priced just for companies like yours.
  • Costpoint: A Cloud-based, ERP offering for government contractors, packaged and priced for the needs of small business owners with fewer than 500 employees.
  • Coming Soon! Chamber Solutions: Through this special program, small business members will be able to purchase Deltek Costpoint at a special rate.

How else can Deltek support small and developing businesses? Deltek is more than just software – it’s an active member and thought leader within the government contracting community.

It offers market analysis and consulting, research and advice, client advisory councils, user groups, award-winning customer care, training and education from Deltek University, Deltek for Dummies, and the annual Deltek Insight Conference.

Preparing Your Business for 2020 and Beyond

As the federal fiscal year comes to an end and 2020 is just around the corner, it is never too early to start thinking about the future. What does your business need to achieve success?

Improving business intelligence? Maintaining compliance? Allow Costpoint to help you power project success this year.

Taking advantage of the small business tools that Deltek offers including Deltek Now and Costpoint, arms you and your organization with the needed competitive advantage for federal government agencies to come out of the gates strong in the New Year. You can start fresh with a peace of mind, knowing that you are set up for success when it comes to pre-award audits, subcontractor management, incurred cost submission reporting, and DCAA floor checks.

If you are a small to mid-sized government contractor, learn how Deltek can support you by checking out our Insight 2019 Schedule Builder and join us for one of the many Costpoint sessions at Deltek Insight 2019 or visit our website.