The Digitized Workforce

Posted by Deltek Partner Guest Blog on July 18, 2019

Deltek Partner Month 2019

By Kristi Weierbach, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP and Director of Workforce Advisory Services, Stambaugh Ness.

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The face of today’s workforce has been forever changed by digital transformation. It’s forcing businesses to choose whether they want to be on board OR step aside and be spectators instead of participants. The risks of not embracing this wave of continuous change are real. In an already lean talent market, employees want what they want when they want it and the technology to make it happen. This mode of acceleration can create challenges, but it also brings opportunities that we never thought were possible.

Flexibility Is King

Thanks to technology the expectations of how we work are changing and they aren’t limited to one or even two generations. The “9 to 5” job sitting at a desk all day is facing extinction. How serious is flexibility in the modern workforce? In the recent LinkedIn 2019 Global Talent Trends report, 72% of respondents indicated that Workplace Flexibility is essential when deciding where they want to work. Not a preference, not a nice perk if they can get it, it’s a job requirement.

So, what does this mean for an employer? If a company is unable to accommodate flexible and/or remote work arrangements, it becomes a significant barrier for attracting talent. What was once considered non-traditional is now the norm as more and more organizations are breaking down barriers with the help of technology. Companies are creating fluid workforce models that think outside of the box to accommodate these new employee requirements.

It’s vital that we throw out rear view thinking and take an anticipatory approach that uses hard trends in technology, demographics, and regulations to predict the future.

Retain to Sustain

Finding and hiring the right talent is only part of the challenge, especially at a time when employees have no hesitation about switching jobs until they find the right fit.  With innovative tech tools, we can now manage the critically important employee lifecycle to increase retention and properly prepare for the NextGen. Utilizing digital tools to develop employees, and enhance performance, accountability and visibility contributes to a higher performing workforce which translates into happier employees and higher profitability. When you can manage employee incentives, performance, and compensation more effectively you unlock greater potential from your employees.

Another way to increase employee retention is by removing geographic barriers. Historically, when good employees moved out of the local area, the employer would lose the employee and start the dreaded rehire process. But today, with the right technology in place, employees can work anywhere they have an internet connection. What could this new approach mean for your firm? For your employees? For your profitability?

Technology now enables us to have a distributed workforce with opportunities to leverage diverse skills no matter where they are located. By creating more collaborative environments we can position employees to grow and succeed.

Are You Future Ready?

As more collaborative platforms are being adopted companies will need to shift thinking; make cultural changes and embrace a future-ready mindset. Yet so often fear of the unknown paralyzes a company into continuing to operate the way they always have. Digital transformation impacts all areas of a business, not just human resources and technology and it may require leadership to let go of traditional opinions of work behaviors and how they’ve previously measured productivity and success.

The age of disruption is here to stay, but you get to choose if you will be the one being disrupted or the one causing disruption. Staying ahead of tech, seeing the road in front of you, that is where you can reap the most reward. If you haven’t started discussing the future of your organization, you need to start now. But don’t just talk about the future, shape it.

Next Steps

Preparing your organization for the future can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate change alone. Collaborating with others who complement your desire to successfully implement digital transformation is the perfect next step. It’s one of the many reasons we love being a Deltek Premier Partner. Find experts who you can partner with to utilize technology and help your firm prepare for the future. To learn more about SN’s NextGen solutions, please reach out to me today at or visit our website for additional resources.


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