Hosting the “Deltek Project Nation” Community

Posted by Perry Hardt on November 19, 2018

Deltek Project Nation Community_Perry Hardt CMO

By Perry Hardt, Chief Marketing Officer, Deltek

Deltek recently hosted our annual Insight conference with over 3,000 customers, partners and employees from around the globe for 96 hours of sharing knowledge and getting inspiration.  

This event brought together people from project-based businesses of all types and sizes. While each organization represented is unique in some way, we are all united by our focus on delivering projects successfully—on-time, on-budget and within scope. That makes us much more than just a gathering of people—it makes us a community. It makes us “Deltek Project Nation.”

Here at Deltek, we are proud to bring together like-minded project-focused professionals and provide the solutions that power their project success. Furthermore, we understand our role is to help cultivate, grow and nurture the connection that we all share. 

At our customer conference in Dallas, I was humbled to see the learning, inspiration and connections that happen when our community assembles in one place. I witnessed so many conversations that resulted in “Aha!” moments for folks looking to drive greater success for their organizations. 

However, we understand that our community is broader than just the thousands of people who were able to participate in-person in Dallas. And the vibrancy of our connections is year-round, not just at point-in-time events like Deltek Insight. In recognition of that, this year, we stood up our Deltek Project Nation blog as a platform to continue to nurture our community with insights and thought leadership accessible to us all.  We purposefully posted real-time blog updates from Dallas to ensure information was available to our entire community around the world.  

This blog is all about celebrating our customers’ achievements, showcasing how purposeful innovation can power project success and connecting readers with some of the leaders here at Deltek. Going forward, I am excited to see how we can strengthen our year-round connection within our global community and feature even more customer voices.  If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to sign up to share your experiences as a guest blogger on Deltek Project Nation.

As author and activist Helen Keller said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  All of us benefit from being part of a community of like-minded people focused on similar goals.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this year’s Insight—and to all who are part of our global Deltek Project Nation.  All of us at #TeamDeltek are privileged to be a small part of the cool things you do—and thrilled to be able to partner with you on the journey ahead into 2019 and beyond.

We look forward to hosting project focused professionals at Insight 2019 in Orlando. Whether we meet up in person or engage online, let’s keep the Deltek Project Nation community strong!


About the Author

As Deltek’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Perry Hardt is responsible for overseeing the global marketing organization including branding, corporate communications, customer programs, advertising, campaigns, and events. Connect with Perry on Twitter and LinkedIn.