Driving Change through Customer Feedback

Posted by Brian Daniell on July 6, 2018

Driving Change through Customer Feedback

When our customers succeed, so do we.

At Deltek, we believe that how we care for our customers is a true measure of achievement in its own right. To me, this commitment to our customers’ success goes deeper than providing insightful data or a streamlined user experience—at its core, it reflects an authentic relationship in which our customers feel that they are valued and their voices are heard. 

How do we try to provide that? At the crux of Deltek’s customer success strategy is a multi-channel communications program. We offer our customers a range of ways to engage with us so that they can find what works best for them—whether it’s through our dedicated customer portal, online chats, or at one of our in-person user group sessions held around the globe.

In fact, I attend such user groups whenever possible for the opportunity to speak with our customers first-hand. I find there is no substitute for in-person discussion, particularly when it comes to truly hearing our customers’ challenges and pain points. After all, our empathy for the issues they face, and a desire to solve their business problems, is at the core of Deltek’s mission to provide innovative solutions and services for project-based organizations.

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Over the years, such conversations have led to key changes in our processes and systems, highlighting the critical role that our customers’ voices play in our work. But to truly make a difference, we know that we need to accomplish even more.

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver an enhanced customer experience, Deltek recently partnered with Walker Information, a customer strategy consulting firm, to conduct a Customer Experience Survey. The results yielded nearly 3,000 responses, with feedback ranging from praise for specific Deltek employees to opportunities for improvement.

At its core, this survey asked what any customer-focused company should want to know: how can we be a better partner for our customers? Responses focused on three areas: overall customer experiences, the level of support received and the types of interactions our customers have with Deltek.

I’ve been excited and proud of how the Deltek team has rallied around this feedback to drive change and improvement. Going forward we’ll be focusing on further enhancing the user experience, providing more self-service support resources, and streamlining the customer journey, among other areas.

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These aren’t one-time improvements. Later this year, our customers will have the opportunity to participate in a second survey to help us measure progress and determine additional action items. This means even more opportunities for us to capture and act on their feedback.

In our experience, our customers want more of a human connection with us. This aligns with findings in a recent report by PwC, in which 73 percent of global respondents said that a positive experience is among the key drivers that influence their brand loyalties. That experience was so important that the same consumers said they would pay up to 16 percent more for a better customer experience. Research like this, as well as feedback from Deltek’s own customers, highlights that it is more important than ever to not only deliver great solutions, but also a great overall experience.  

So, what exactly defines a positive experience? Comments in our recent survey like, “understands our business and needs,” “love the speed and expertise,” and “extremely helpful and knowledgeable,” underscore that although our customers come for Deltek’s solutions, they stay for our support and the team members with whom they have built relationships and have an ongoing dialogue. We’ll be working to make even more of those personal connections possible.

Between our customers’ loyalty and Deltek’s customer-focused culture, it’s clear to me that we have something special happening. But that’s not enough, and we’re not going to stand still. Going forward, our team will keep working to create an even better experience for our customers— ensuring that their voices continue to be heard.


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