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Actionable Insights for Improving Agency Resource Management

Learn key strategies around resource planning and revenue forecasting for your agency to more effectively serve your clients. 

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Adweek webinar David C. Baker

KPIs for the Healthy Agency

A summary of agency business expert, David C. Baker's advice for agencies, curated from interviews and research of 1,000+ professional firms, on the most critical milestones and key metrics agency leaders should use when establishing and evaluating their creative agency business.

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Agency Meeting

Nucleus Report: WorkBook Offers Agency Management Visibility & Insight

Recently, Nucleus Research embarked on a hands-on assessment of WorkBook from Deltek agency management software.  Among numerous key findings, Nucleus found that agencies were able to consolidate their disparate systems by replacing them with WorkBook, simplifying their technology environment and streamlining processes, saving businesses between five and 12 percent on project management.

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Get more, from less, with a smart agency management system

Looking to maximize your productivity, and give employee morale a bump? Invest in an effective agency system. The environment in which today’s agencies work is complex. It’s dynamically transforming and evolving fast.

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Deltek Blogs

What really makes a modern agency…modern?

Is keeping creativity and flexibility at the forefront and using real-time data the answer? Can you ever be a modern agency? The agency world is ever changing and evolving to keep up with the needs of clients and their end users. Being in a transitional environment and a world of shrinking budgets brings more creative.

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Business Meeting

Let’s Make a Big Noise About Small Business

We continue to recognize National Small Business Week - when we come together to celebrate the small businesses which create employment in local communities. It’s a time to reflect on the crucial role played by the smaller ventures and individual entrepreneurs in all fields, which truly add value to our economy and...

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4 Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Project Leader

What it takes to make the transition from traditional to modern agency

In a recent Ad Age webinar poll, 41% of the firms reported they’re “ getting there ” when asked if they are a modern agency. The agency model is shifting. As clients become more demanding and budgets, schedules and margins tighten, there are a number of key components for successful agency management you must pay...

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Hiring Talented People is a Start Empowering Them is the Next Step

In today’s agency world, no one will argue that talent is more important than ever. The right people will always make the difference whether you’re pitching a new client, developing strategy, or executing on it. What you may not have full visibility into is how your people are working - or how to help them perform...

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The Drum: WorkBook Put to the Test

How many times have you made a claim or promise and someone told you to prove it! Well that’s what WorkBook did when The Drum, one of the largest marketing media in Europe (and now in America too), put our software to the test. In a mock lab setting, white coats and all, The Drum invited 5 agencies of all sizes to get...

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