3 Reasons to Bring Review & Approval Into Jira

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on October 15, 2019

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Is there a more exciting field to work in than marketing, advertising, and design? With so many creative ways to reach customers – blog posts, infographics, video, interactive web content … the opportunities seem endless. It’s also a challenging time for those of us managing creative projects because the demand for more volume, velocity, and variety of content can create significant bottlenecks and delays in production.

The good news is, with the right processes and tools in place, marketing and creative teams can meet these challenges head on. If you're using Jira to manage your creative projects it's highly likely your review and approval process happens outside of Jira - perhaps through emails or other systems. While it may seem easier to email with attachments asking for feedback, bringing review and approval into Jira increases your efficiency and productivity. It makes it easier to work with your clients and empowers your team to deliver more content faster. 

Reduce or Eliminate Revision Rounds and Unnecessary Re-Work

With over 60% of creative production time being spent in review cycles, reducing - or better yet - eliminating unnecessary revision rounds and re-work means gaining back valuable creative time. The fastest and easiest way to get to an approval is by getting CLEAR and ACTIONABLE feedback on work in progress. 

Reviewing creative work by email creates chaos and confusion. It is more difficult and time consuming to keep track of, compile, and decipher feedback that way. No one wants to spend their time trying to figure out what a client "means" when they are requesting changes, or worse - having to schedule calls or find themselves in lengthy back and forth email chains. 

When you bring in tools built specifically to review creative work, like online proofing, you automate much of the manual work required to manage and track reviews. Reviewer feedback is clear and actionable with markups and comments directly on the asset - no deciphering required! Discussions and collaboration happen together and in context, leading to fewer revision rounds and faster approvals. To top it off, your creatives will love you for eliminating unnecessary re-work, so they can focus their time and energy on new ideas! 

Make it Easy for Clients to Provide Clear and Actionable Feedback

Your clients - whether internal or external - need to provide feedback on creative work as quickly and easily as possible. There is nothing worse for reviewers than finding out THEY are the bottleneck causing delays, yet it happens all the time. Review requests are often missed or lost in the daily flurry of emails. 

Additionally, finding out your feedback was misunderstood or misinterpreted only after seeing the latest version creates unnecessary frustration and delays. We often think we're being as clear as possible, but without solid context, things can be understood and interpreted in all sorts of ways. "Move the logo a little to the left" seems clear - but does "a little" mean the same thing to everyone? 

Having a system that sends out automated reminders and a link where contributors can provide their feedback directly on the asset (without hunting down emails and attachments) empowers on time feedback with little effort. Giving reviewers the ability to provide their feedback clearly, and in context gives clients more confidence and trust that their feedback is understood. 


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Keep Everything Centralized in one System

When pieces of a project are scattered across different systems, managing everything and knowing what's on track and what's at risk is a nightmare. Who wants to spend most of their time sifting through emails chains and Jira project tasks to figure out what needs attention? Worse, what happens when a client asks for a status update or you suspect you're over-servicing an account or your client is far exceeding the agreed upon revision rounds? 

When you've got every step of the creative production process centralized in one system you have the insights you need to more efficiently and more effortlessly track and manage it all. What's in progress, what requires review, who needs to review it, what is in review, the approval status of each asset, what is at risk, and what exactly is causing any delays as they arise. You can be more proactive when you can spot things like potential scope-creep and over-servicing because you can see these problems before they happen.

Keeping everything centralized in one system lets you focus on what's important - the creative work and building better client relationships because you can spend more time providing your expertise on design best practices and ideas vs. wasting that time on unnecessary revision rounds, clarifying what "a little to the left" means, or chasing them down for feedback because your deadline is fast approaching.

Speed Up Review and Approval with the Only Online Proofing Add-On for Jira

When you bring your design review workflow into Jira, your agency becomes more efficient, more profitable, and more client centric - and Deltek ConceptShare makes it easy. ConceptShare’s online proofing add-on for Jira lets you automate the review and approval process of all project work, reminds clients when their feedback is required, gives them the ability to provide feedback quickly, easily, clearly and in context, and keeps everything centralized - all without having to give them any access or training on Jira. A true win-win for all. 

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