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Scheduler Spotlight Jess Gerry

Scheduler Spotlight: Creating a Culture of Communication

Experience a day-in-the-life of a seasoned planner/scheduler and earned value (EV) analyst with Northrop Grumman. From personal experiences to best practices, learn from her perspective on understanding the full landscape of a government project and how to keep teams organized and on schedule.

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Quality Estimates at Completion EAC

How to Create Quality Estimates at Completion (EACs) for Project Improvement

Why is a credible project estimate at completion (EAC) important to both project managers and business managers? It’s about the company’s bottom line. The EAC provides an indication of whether the company is going to make a profit or take a loss on a project.

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Agency Whiteboard Writing

Incorporating Data Quality Checks into Your Performance Reporting Process

Understand the importance of creating and maintaining quality schedule and cost data for the life of a project. Along with a short list of tips to add schedule and cost data quality checks into the project control process.

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4 Project Management Tips from Experts in our Partner Community Header Image

4 Project Management Tips from Experts in our Partner Community

Check out this blog for 4 tips on project controls, scheduling and agile from Deltek’s Project & Portfolio Management partner community.

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4 Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Project Leader

4 Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Project Leader

As a project leader the outcome of your project ultimately rests on your shoulders. But how do you manage your execution team, your executive team, the customer and other project stakeholders without losing your mind? Today we’re offering four ways to exceed expectations as a project leader.

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Emerging Trends in IPM Header Image

Emerging Trends in IPM

New reporting requirements. Improved collaboration. The convergence of Agile & EVM. What’s on the docket for integrated program management (IPM) in 2018 – and beyond? Read on to find out.

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Management by Exception: What is Your Data Telling You? Header Image

Management by Exception: What is Your Data Telling You?

The enormous amount of data used to manage projects can make it difficult to see what is truly driving performance. Discover how you can successfully define metrics to ensure the success of your next project by implementing a Management by Exception strategy at your organization.

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Project Management Maturity -The Secret Weapon to Generating New Business Header Image

The Secret Weapon to Generating New Business

Discover why Earned Value Management (EVM) is the “secret” to generating new business for government contractors.

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DOD_The Business Case for PPM

Making the Business Case for PPM

Every project manager can probably relate - the project starts off great, fresh from kick-off the team is optimistic and the path to success is clear.  But soon problems arise and before you know it, you are headed for a late project delivery.  For the DoD, that can mean the delay of urgent capabilities to the warfighter.  For a contractor, it can impact your profitability and reputation…

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The 4 Pillars of Integrated Program Management Header Image

The 4 Pillars of Integrated Program Management

What exactly makes up integrated program management (IPM) and how should project teams go about implementing it at their respective organizations? In today’s post, we’re tackling just that – highlighting the four main pillars of IPM and what makes each so important.

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