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How Small Government Businesses Can Improve Diversification

How Small Businesses Can Improve Diversification in a Highly Competitive Market

Diversification of client base and agency work is a growth strategy identified by many government contracting leaders as important next steps to stay competitive. Small businesses generally tend to struggle with being able to diversify effectively due to limited budgets, time and resources. But, there are ways of overcoming these challenges to expand their portfolios.

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10th Clarity GovCon Industry Study Business Development

Radiant Federal & SLED Business Development Results from the 10th Clarity GovCon Industry Study

Federal and state, local and education (SLED) business development leaders, get your aviator shades ready because this year’s Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study has some bright trends to look forward to.

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4 Ways Procurement Software Provides Efficiency

4 Ways Procurement Software Brings Efficiency to the Government Contracting Process

Let’s face it, the procurement process can be unpredictable. Just when it seems everything is in place, a supplier misses a deadline. Discover how procurement software can increase visibility and efficiency to minimize missteps.

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Pricing Strategies for Government Contractors

Pricing Strategies for the Small Government Contractor

Learn pricing strategies to stay competitive and make money. Although these two objectives can sometimes seem to compete – here are tips for balancing the two.

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What Makes Government Contracting Different. The Basics.

What Makes Government Contracting Different

The basics of government contracting and key ways doing business with the government is different than doing business with independent companies.

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Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study

Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study Business Development Trends

Are you doing business with federal, state or local government?  This year’s Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry study reveals the top business development trends and benchmarks in government contracting. 

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