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Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Enabling Users to Get the Most out of Vantagepoint

In the first Vantagepoint town hall of 2021, attendees will learn about upcoming features and enhancements, prepackaged workflows that will save users time and trainings and workshops that will help users get the most out of Vantagepoint.

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New Consulting Workshops: Get the Most Out of Vantagepoint in 2021

A lot may have changed since you first started using your Deltek software. The good news is that we have Virtual Consulting Workshops taught by a team of experts to help you reach peak performance. Each half-day workshop will include training, discussions and live lab environments.

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Learn How to Get More from Vantagepoint with Virtual Workshops

Whether your business looks different today than it did when you started using Vantagepoint or you are just looking for ways to improve how you leverage Vantagepoint to run your business, Deltek has virtual training workshops to help you get more from your solution.

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