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Deltek Product Release Information

Better Nurture Client Relationships with Vantagepoint Connect

You already use Microsoft Outlook to manage your contacts and business development activities. Now included with Vantagepoint CRM, Vantagepoint Connect allows your teams to easily manage Vantagepoint information within Outlook to help turn more pursuits into projects.

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Deltek Product Tips and General Info

Pursue the Right Projects with a Go/No Go Process in Vantagepoint

Are you pursuing the right projects for your business? Manage your go/no go process in Vantagepoint CRM to turn more pursuits into wins.

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Deltek Product Release Information

Create Sleek, Impressive Proposals with Vantagepoint

Creating proposals is not an easy task. Each project is unique and so is each proposal. See how Vantagepoint can help you quickly create proposals to illustrate your expertise and demonstrate why you are the best fit for the project.

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