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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Maconomy

Maconomy 2.5 unveiled many enhancements including a focus on improvements to iAccess, the web-browser interface. Maconomy 2.5 focused on bringing even more capabilities to front office workers like project managers, supervisors/managers, employees and account managers.

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Support a Mobile and Global Workforce

Support a Mobile and Global Workforce with Maconomy

With challenges of the rapid shift to remote workforces, virtual meetings and flexibility.  Enabling your teams to leverage technology tools to get the most productivity possible. Deltek is here to help support you and your global and mobile workforce. Read below for glimpse into some of the areas we can help our clients adapt to this evolving environment.

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Money Time

Tips and Tricks: Maconomy Finance

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) reports and General Journal recurring entries are two common processes of Maconomy customers. How users execute CIT reports and general journal recurring entries may vary, but using the two tips outlined below can increase efficiency and save time.

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Deltek Product Release Information

Automate Approval Workflows with Maconomy 2.5

Maconomy 2.5 released in November 2019, brought even more enhancements to the powerful approval workflow engine. Maconomy’s extensive approval hierarchy framework provides a set of rules to determine who can approve expense sheets, purchase orders, vendor invoices and other entries. Maconomy’s approval hierarchy and access control are tightly interconnected to provide you the confidence and control you need to securely manage business operations. Super users or system administrators manage approvals in one central place - the Approval Setup Workspace.

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Innovation_Mobility_New Technology

Part 2: Maconomy Hidden Helper - Background Task for Automatic Time Sheet Submission

As we reviewed in part one of this blog post series, Maconomy’s background tasks can perform repetitive or scheduled actions, which a user would typically perform manually. In this blog post, we will look at a background task that automatically submits all created, but not submitted time sheets on Friday night, ready for approval by our supervisors on Monday morning.

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UI for Professional Services Firms

Part 1: Maconomy's Hidden Helper - Background Tasks

With Deltek Maconomy’s Business Process Automation, background tasks allow you to automate certain actions on a schedule, defined by the user. This is the first blog post in a series and, overviews the creation of a Background Task Generator with a basic example to introduce the key concepts. Stay tuned for the second post in which we review an automation example and the third post which examines a more detailed configuration involving the execution of multiple actions (Sub Tasks) in sequence.

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Deltek Product Release Information

Managing Complex Data Requirements? Maconomy Has the Answer!

The new Maconomy functionality introduces the concept of Data Import Packages. This enables a User, or group of Users working in collaboration, to specify which files to include in a package, the structure and content, and to transfer the numerous import components at once if they so wish.

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communication automation image with icons

Save Time with Business Process Automation for Maconomy

Powered by the background task functionality, Maconomy’s Business Process Automation, or BPA, enables clients to automate many manual tasks across their companies; saving employees precious time and the company money.

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Deltek Insight 2019

Maconomy Highlights at Deltek Insight

Deltek Insight 2019 - recap for all things Maconomy

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Customer Spotlight: Callista Enterprise AB

In this blog post, Jan Västernäs, CEO and Software Architect at Callista Enterprise AB, shares his evaluation of ERP software and why he chose Deltek Maconomy.

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