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Costpoint How To Videos

Costpoint Procurement Video: How-to Automate Contract Flow-Downs

A how-to video from Deltek Solutions Engineer Jonathan Davis demonstrating how government contractors can automate government contract flow-downs in Costpoint Procurement Software.

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New Workforce

How Many Types of Government Contracts Are There?

Government contractors deal with three major contract types. This post examines the differences between the types of contracts, how each can affect contractors, and will look into how Costpoint helps at each juncture.

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New Opportunity and Pipeline Analysis in Costpoint Contract Management

Preview the new library of dashboards and analysis in Costpoint Contract Management that can help your teams produce accurate forecasts, assess pipeline health, and monitor important metrics such as win/loss rates around your government contracts.

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Costpoint Project Management Resource Planning

Costpoint Project Management Resource Planning

Manage your resources, to include subcontractors with Costpoint. Costpoint's Project management capabilities help you jump start your day with a quick view of your project manager dashboard where you can get real-time insight into your project. From here, drill down and manage your resources, forecasts and budgets. 

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Smartphone in the city

Costpoint Subcontractor Management Software

Discover three ways Costpoint Subcontractor Management software eases the management of subcontractors for project based businesses.

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Six Reasons Engineer to Order Manufacturers Need an Engineer to Order ERP System

Learn how Costpoint Manufacturing software is designed to meet the unique requirements of engineer to order manufacturers.

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Pricing Strategies for Government Contractors

How Deltek Costpoint Solves The 10 Biggest Procurement Issues facing Government Contractors

Learn how procurement managers in in government contracting use Costpoint automation to eliminate their most inefficient processes.

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