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Woman on cell phone Costpoint Time Mobile App

Introducing The Costpoint Time Mobile App

Need a quick way to log your time as you travel from project to project? Does your services company struggle to accurately track and approve time spent on each government contract? See how the new Costpoint Time mobile app can help.

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Costpoint Supplier Portal Video Snippet

Costpoint Procurement Video The New Supplier Portal

Costpoint’s new supplier portal helps you reduce procurement cycle times with automation that streamlines communications with vendors and subcontractors. A quick video shows how.

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Costpoint New UI 2019

Have You Seen the Latest Updates to the New Costpoint User Interface?

Call it the New, New UI. Call it bolder, brighter and defined. Call it streamlining ERP for government contractors to the max. Discover the latest Costpoint User Interface capabilities designed to help you work more efficiently.

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hcm strategy

Coming Soon - Costpoint Learning Zone Live

Looking to maximize your usage of Costpoint? Want to deepen and broaden your knowledge of the government contracting industry? Join us for a two-day learning experience to gain greater insight into Costpoint product capabilities and the government contracting industry on August 1-2, 2019.

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Paperwork to be replaced by procurement's lean initiatives

Five Lean Initiatives for Government Contractor Procurement Teams

Top performing procurement departments focus on more than savings and spending control. They also focus on procurement processes, internal collaboration and value-add activities.

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Continuous feedback example at laptop

Four Ways Continuous Performance Management Drives Government Contractors' Organizational Alignment

Consistent communication is a key aspect of providing an excellent employee experience. Government contractors that master continuous feedback will gain an advantage. They will build engagement within their workforce, drive increased retention rates, and struggle less to recruit for growth positions. Costpoint Human Capital Management can help.

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US Capital Building

Common Contractor Purchasing System Review Deficiencies

While there are 24 elements to the contractor purchasing system review (CPSR), there were four most commonly found to be deficient in government contractors' purchasing system reviews in 2018. This post reviews the four elements and explains how Costpoint can help.

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Government contractors looking at data

Data Analysis for Government Contractors

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with embedded business intelligence and visualization tools helps you gain insight from your data quickly. Learn more about the two categories of data analysis that can help your teams make better decisions faster and more confidently.

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team using Costpoint business intelligence example

What to Consider When Evaluating ERP with Business Intelligence Capabilities

Costpoint Business Intelligence offers an easy way for everyone in your organization to get the real-time information they want, in the format they need. They can use built-in, role-specific dashboards, or create ad-hoc reports to monitor key performance indicators. In a few clicks, users are uncovering, testing, and validating business hypotheses.

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Costpoint Video: Contract Management and Opportunity Tracking for Government Contractors

Did you know that Costpoint now has contract management capabilities? From pre-award opportunity to contract close-out, Costpoint is there to help you navigate and closely monitor and control the entire process. Watch this quick video from our Principal Solutions Engineer Justin Sommer, to see how easy it can be to manage your government contracts and subcontracts with Costpoint Contract Management.

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