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Ideal for growing architecture and engineering firms looking to streamline back office processes, manage projects with ease and access real-time reporting. Deltek Ajera helps firms increase project profitability, improve utilization rates and improve visibility across projects. This blog provides key Ajera product updates, tips and insight from Deltek’s product experts. Come join the conversation.

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Streamline Project Time Approval with Ajera

One of the biggest challenges firms continue to face is tracking and approving time quickly and efficiently. Project Time Approval, introduced in Ajera 9.1, provides a new way for project managers to approve time.

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Deltek Product Release Information

How to Limit Phases Available in Transaction Entry Based on Activity Type

Are you looking to improve the accuracy of information entered in Ajera based on the type of entry it is?  Do you have phases set up in the Proje...

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How Does Vantagepoint Impact Me as an Ajera User?

With questions recently about the future of Ajera and what Vantagepoint means for Ajera users, Deltek wants to reassure users about the continued investment in Ajera and exciting times for Deltek. Read more for details.

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