5 Ways to Get More From Insight

Posted by Megan Miller on October 24, 2018

Deltek Insight

Deltek Insight 2018 is just a few weeks away and before you get to Dallas, TX, take some time to plan for the best conference yet. Whether this is your first trip to Insight or you’ve been attending the conference for years, you can always get more of your time at Insight.

For several years, I attended Deltek Insight as a customer and have been attending as a Deltek track manager for several years and I am often asked what I recommend to first-time attendees or Insight veterans. Here are five ways for you to Know More and Do More at Insight.

  • PREPARE FOR 2019 – as you think about 2019, what business challenges are you facing? How can Ajera help you address those challenges? Talk to your internal teams to develop a list of questions you want answered during your time. Also, be sure to check out additional tracks beyond Ajera to help address your business challenges including Human Capital Management, Project Information Management and Universal

  • BUILD YOUR SCHEDULE – don’t wait until you get to Dallas to review the sessions and pick the ones you want to attend. Use the agenda builder to select your sessions and plan for time to meet with the experts and get your questions answered. Also, don’t forget about the HCM, PIM and Universal tracks to build out your schedule accordingly.

  • BUILD YOUR NETWORK – there are plenty of opportunities at Insight to network. Take advantage of this time to network with other users, with the product management team and additional Deltek team members that can all be incredible resources after the conference. While at the conference, you will eat a lot. Take advantage of the food for more than just sustenance. Sit with other users during breakfast and lunch. Find other users in the receptions or invite them to meet up for dinner or a drink to get the most of your time at Insight. Grab a coffee or a second dessert and enjoy the conversations.

  • LEARN NOW, SHARE LATER – there will be a lot to absorb at Insight. Note that all of the presentations will be available during and after the conference so you don’t have to write down everything, but take notes on how you can apply what you learned and be sure to set up time before you leave to debrief with your teams and share what you learn at Insight.

  • BE INQUISITIVE – this conference is for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Set up appointments to meet the experts, connect with speakers for clarification, visit the Xpo to learn more and talk with other users. Ask, ask and ask some more.

Start planning today and we’ll see you in Dallas! If you have other tips to share, please post them in the comments. What is the best tip you’ve ever received for a conference like this?

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