Streamlining Success: How Unionpoint Empowers Ajera Users

February 29, 2024
How Unionpoint Empowers Ajera Users

Deltek project management and project-based accounting software has consistently provided a comprehensive platform for managing projects, personnel, clients and finances with utmost transparency. However, no single application can meet all the unique needs for your project-based business. Companies must integrate additional technologies into a multi-layered technology stack to fully support specialized architectural & engineering (A&E) and consulting requirements. But integrating these disparate systems can prove costly and challenging to implement.

Your professional services firm needs strategic, budget-friendly ways to unify solutions into a streamlined ecosystem. By supplementing core platforms with compatible add-ons and third-party programs, they can craft tailored architectures without building custom systems from the ground up.

Deltek understands this and has invested in a strategy leveraging Deltek Unionpoint as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution. The Unionpoint platform gives business technologists the power to create seamless connections to a vast range of applications using a low-code tool, at a lower cost.

In this post, we will explore how Unionpoint expands Deltek’s product capabilities to serve clients' specialized needs more completely. The strategy exemplifies how providers can leverage integration technologies to deliver robust, tailored solutions without prohibitively high costs and complexity.

Expand the Power of Deltek Ajera with Unionpoint

Deltek Ajera now includes a product connector for Unionpoint that accelerates the integration and workflow automation between AJera and other products. The new Ajera connector simplifies business automation and provides the ability to quickly authenticate data and then retrieve, update and transform that data in Ajera.

This, in turn, accelerates the creation or customization of integrations with over a thousand other products supporting in Unionpoint’s integration platform ─ speeding up the time between an idea for an integration and the execution. Deltek customers now have the power to make Ajera the cornerstone of their technology ecosystem and connect it to other Deltek products and other best-of-breed solutions.

Seven Ways Unionpoint Enhances Your Ajera Solution

Strategic integration of complementary systems with a robust project management and project-based accounting platform as the nucleus can enhance functionalities for professional services groups. Through a unified technology ecosystem, firms can realize numerous potential benefits:

  1. Increased workflow automation for seamless data sharing and operations across departments. This eliminates silos and tedious manual efforts.
  2. Enhanced data consistency, accuracy and accessibility across your business. The single unified structure provides reliable analytics and reporting.
  3. Smoother collaboration across global teams, clients, subconsultants and partners. Information flows freely through integrated communication channels.
  4. Built-in scalability and flexibility, allowing easy onboarding of new solutions. This future-proofs capabilities as business needs evolve.
  5. A more holistic client and project view drives better customer experiences and project execution. This also strengthens client relationships.
  6. Simplified security management to better safeguard sensitive customer data for privacy and compliance reasons. Consolidated platforms minimize access vulnerabilities.
  7. Cost savings from resource optimization, error reduction and efficiency gains. The streamlined processes maximize technology investments.

Interconnected systems essentially supercharge functionalities to serve specialized industry demands better. With robust core platforms enabling deep integrations, professional groups can reap these benefits.

In summary, employing Deltek Unionpoint to integrate Ajera to other applications in your technology ecosystem can bring significant benefits, including streamlined processes, improved data management, enhanced collaboration, scalability, better client service, data security, and cost savings. An iPaaS platform can also empower small and mid-sized A&E and consulting firms to optimize their tech strategy and drive efficiency and growth in their respective industries.

While firms of all sizes may face challenges employing pervasive connectivity, the scale, complexity, and organizational dynamics of small and mid-sized companies magnify these challenges. Overcoming these hurdles requires comprehensive planning, strong project management, collaboration among stakeholders, and a strategic approach to ensure the successful integration of their tech stack.


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