Federal Contract Opportunities to Close Out 2020 Strong

Posted by Nick Schiffler on July 30, 2020

Team Discussing Federal Contracting Opportunities

The GovWin research team of more than 150 federal and state, local and education (SLED) market analysts provide in-depth research reports, timely articles, webinars, presentations and consultations to help clients build business development plans and navigate the government market effectively.

In our July 2020 federal analysis you can find a look ahead at opportunities for doing business with the federal government to close out the year. This includes trends in federal business development, examination of the federal IT market and advice on how to take advantage of end-of-the-year federal government spending in order to win more business.


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Understand the Federal IT Market and Support Your Business Development

Every year GovWin’s Federal Market Analysis team analyzes the federal IT market to assess the issues and trends impacting federal spending and opportunities for contractors. This year, GovWin’s research team has recently made its Federal MarketView 2020 webinar available on-demand, featuring timely insights on the future of federal IT from guest speaker Katie Arrington, the Chief Information Security Officer for the DoD’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition.

“ [Viewers] will gain insights from GovWin’s Federal IT Market Budget Outlook, the benchmark for establishing the baseline of government IT spending, as well as learn how contractors can leverage GovWin’s strategic analysis to support business development.”

For a broader examination of the federal IT landscape, GovWin’s Federal Information Technology Market, 2020-2022 report looks at the market trends, policies and initiatives that will shape federal IT spending in both the short term and more distant future. The report states that Congress is unlikely to enact major budget cuts, and they could even enact some changes to help agencies address budget shortfalls – which could be relevant to providers of information technology products and services.

Readers of this report summary will get analysis of specific IT market segments, including market forecasts and recommendations to help strategically plan go-to-market strategies.

Take Advantage of the Federal Contract Opportunities from Q4 Spending Spree

GovWin’s annual Spending Spree event offers a look at the areas in which federal government is planning on spending leading up to the end of FY 2020. In the Spending Spree 2020 webcast, now available on demand, viewers will see projections for Q4 of FY 2020, and learn about some of the tools they can use to increase their government sales revenue at the end of the fiscal year. 

“ The best way to be prepared is understanding which agencies rely on Q4 spending historically and what they buy. There’s still a lot of money to be had in Q4.”

Clarity on Federal Business Development Trends

If you’re preparing to close out the 2020 year on a high note, you should be asking yourself: How does my business compare to its peers in the industry?

Deltek’s Clarity on Federal Business Development Trends on-demand webinar offers answers to common BD questions, and showcases what industry leaders see as their top business development challenges this year, along with some of the solutions they are using to meet those challenges. Learn how your organization stacks up to industry benchmarks and discover potential opportunities for improvement when you sign up for this free online session.

July 2020 Update on the COVID-19 Response for Federal Contractors

Recent developments have made clear that COVID-19 is going to be having a significant impact on the United States at large – and the federal contracting market specifically – for years to come. This on-demand, complimentary webinar provides a July Update for Federal Contractors on the government’s response to the coronavirus. Deltek’s Senior VP of Information Solutions Kevin Plexico, and Director of Federal Market Analysis Deniece Peterson offer insights on upcoming legislative actions, guidance related to contractors, and the long-term implications of spending tied to the COVID-19 response.

“ The full impact of actions to promote economic recovery will not be felt before FY 2022… Congress will begin examining the long-term economic picture, but will not institute significant budget controls until after FY 2022.”

You can access more of the analysis produced by both our Federal and SLED Market Analysis teams using the following link: In-depth federal and SLED market analysis

It’s easy to learn more about current procurement opportunities and research in the GovWin IQ federal database – even well before the contracts go out to bid. Not yet a subscriber? Click the link below to learn about Deltek's GovWin IQ service.


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