Beating Your Government Contracting Competition with GovWin IQ

August 31, 2021

It’s difficult to identify opportunities that you have the best chance of winning if you have an incomplete picture of the competitive landscape, are without knowledge of your target agencies, and have limited knowledge of labor rates in your industry.

GovWin IQ helps you make better decisions about which opportunities to pursue with a high probability of winning by giving you a complete view of the market so you can make better go, no-go decisions. Read on to see three ways that it helps you do just that!


Beat Your Competition With GovWin IQ

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Defining the Competitive Landscape and Your Go-To-Market Strategy

With millions of government contractors serving the public sector every year, it can be daunting bidding on an opportunity without knowing who you’re going head-to-head with – especially when the average proposal costs upwards of 10,000.

GovWin IQ helps fill in the competitive details around an opportunity by centralizing contract awards and incumbent data across the federal, state, local, and education market. Historical information is the best tell at predicting future decisions, so understanding who and how an organization secured a contract in the past should be part of your go-to-market strategy. Incumbent details allow you to differentiate in the market place and position your company more strategically in your own proposals.

Beyond contract awards and incumbent data, GovWin offers a variety of detailed assessment formulas using machine learning so you can make strategic pursuit decisions with confidence.

Government Contracting Diversification Helps You Grow

As the market has grown, diversification has become a necessary part of many contractors’ portfolios. Whether that’s branching out to go after new contracts in a new industry or working with a new agency, it can be challenging to break into a new share of the market.

GovWin helps you take control of both your short and long term growth with insight into competitors’ market shares within an agency or across governments, and data on historical labor rates to shape your price-to-win strategies.

By reviewing key federal, state and local or Canadian government market intelligence, you can expand your government contracting business strategically.

Shape RFPs in Your Direction by Building Relationships

A winning strategy to help you shape RFPs in your direction in advance is to review spending trends, such as budgets and expenditures, and centralized capital improvement plans to view line items already budgeted for. This will help you see not only what agencies are buying your goods and services, but who will be buying your goods or services in the future.

Government contacts collected in GovWin help our customers with building relationships and make following up on spending intel a warm call as opposed to a cold one. Healthcare company Dräger is one such business that has benefited. “[GovWin] allows Dräger professionals to connect with key decision-makers and teaming partners early in the procurement process,” said Tracy Phillips, Associate Field Director, Government Accounts for Dräger. “The opportunities we have already secured confirm that GovWin was a smart investment.”

By planning beyond the bid with that historical information, you can be proactive in reaching out to the key decision makers at an agency long before the cone of silence to begin differentiating your services to sway future contracts in your direction in ways your competitors can’t compete.


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