What is GovCon?

The term "govcon" or government contractor describes individuals or businesses that enter into a contract with the United States federal, or SLED (state, local or educational government entities), or Canadian federal, provincial, territorial and MASH sector (municipalities, academic institutions, school boards and health and social service entities), to perform work or provide products and services. Government contractors must comply with the same laws that apply to everyone else. They're subject to the same regulations, pay taxes like every other business, and follow the same rules as anyone else.

A govcon subcontractor is a company that does business with another prime contractor. These companies often work for the government as part of larger projects or programs. However, some subcontractors operate independently without any other government connections.

Government contractors and subcontractors take up different roles in delivering government services. Prime contractors typically lead in providing goods and services to the government. Subcontractors usually play a supporting role and help out with specific tasks.