Examining the 2021 Federal Budgets for AEC, O&M and Professional Services

Posted by Nick Schiffler on May 21, 2020

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In our analysis from May 2020 you can find an early look at the federal budget for three key industries: Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), operations and maintenance (O&M), as well as professional services. You will also get an inside view of the GovWin federal research team’s ongoing coverage of the government’s response to the coronavirus, plus a summary of federal AI spending plans.


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2021 Federal Budget Outlooks for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Operations & Maintenance (O&M), and Professional Services

Are you trying to make sure your government contracting firm is as well positioned for the upcoming fiscal year as it can be? The best way to do that is to understand where government dollars are going to be spent, and where your business is uniquely positioned to take advantage. One useful series of reports to help you do just that is GovWin’s 2021 federal budget outlook report series, designed to help businesses position themselves for growth and success in their own competitive markets.

Below you can find summaries of federal budget outlook reports covering three of the major industries in government contracting: Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), operations and maintenance (O&M), and professional services.

  • The 2021 Architecture, Engineering and Construction Federal Budget: Federal government spending on architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects looks to be significantly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This report addresses those concerns, as well as the current administration’s infrastructure strategy, and offers up budget information on AEC projects broken down by government agency and market segment.
  • The 2021 Operations and Maintenance Federal Budget: GovWin’s research divides the Operations & Maintenance market up by departments and top market segments, looking both at facilities and equipment. The report finds that the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Energy (DoE) are the two leading agencies offering O&M contracting opportunities, although plenty more agencies plan to spend significantly in this industry.
  • The 2021 Professional Services Federal Budget: This report finds that by far the top market segment within the professional services market continues to be administrative and management support. The report goes into further detail about professional services spend by agency, and takes a deeper look at key issues to watch within the industry, including GSA’s consolidation of all 24 GSA schedules into a single schedule.

A Summary of Artificial Intelligence Federal Spending Plans for 2021

GovWin’s team of federal market analysts has released their latest deep dive into the information technology market, this time focusing specifically on the Federal Artificial Intelligence Landscape for 2021. This report will examine the thriving, evolving AI market, and will offer hints at how contractors can partner with government agencies to help enhance their AI strategies.


"Deltek’s 'Federal Artificial Intelligence Landscape, 2021' report examines the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and related technologies within the federal government."


Continuing Coverage of the Government’s Response to the Coronavirus

The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to shape the contracting marketplace for businesses in all industries. Federal government contractors can keep up to date on the most recent spending bills and regulatory changes by registering for one of GovWin’s monthly federal contracting COVID-19 webinars. Additionally, specific pieces of research and insight will continue to be published at GovWin’s Coronavirus Government Response Resource Center

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