January 2020 SLED Analysis: State and Local IT and AEC Investment

Posted by Nick Schiffler on February 7, 2020

State and Local AEC and IT Spending

GovWin’s research staff of more than 100 federal and state, local, and education (SLED) market analysts provide in-depth research reports, timely articles, webinars, presentations, and consultations to help clients build business development plans and navigate the government market effectively.

Our January analysis includes a free summary of primary research on the SLED information technology market, a guide for contractors planning their 2020 sales strategies, plus an examination of public sector investment in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and a guide to doing business with Maryland.


Looking at the 2020 State, Local and Education Government Contracting Market

In a market expecting to see growth in total state and local bids and RFPs continue through the next twelve months, there are a great deal of opportunities ripe for contractors to find and win. Research analyst Paul Irby explains the details in GovWin’s on-demand webinar, the 2020 State, Local and Education (SLED) Government Contracting Forecast.

“This webinar will give you the information you need to build a successful 2020 SLED sales plan and includes key market trends and SLED government contracting business development advice.”

Analysis of State and Local IT Spending from 2020 to 2025

Is your business a provider of technology products or services? Are you involved in selling to state and local governments? Then you can’t miss the free summary of GovWin’s research on the SLED Information Technology Market for 2020-2025. Contractors interested in government technology contracts can use this report to accurately target the types of IT that state and local agencies are expecting to be most focused on over the next five years.

This report will help SLED IT contractors assess the SLED information technology (IT) market size, forecasts, and segmentation for purposes of business development (BD) strategic planning.”

A Look at Public Sector Investment in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Did you know that the AEC market represents roughly half of all formal government bids and RFPs within the state and local sector? You’ll learn more about arguably the most important portion of the SLED marketplace in GovWin’s recent report, Sizing up the State and Local AEC Market, which broke down this vital sector of government contracting with a particular focus on:

  • Growth rates in recent opportunities
  • Overview of architecture, engineering and construction trends
  • Analysis of demand for future projects by value and level of government
  • Profiles of 20 market segments based on structure, including bridges, public safety and mass transit

A State Contracting Guide to Doing Business with Maryland

The state of Maryland has seen a steady increase in its budget, with spending rising in areas like healthcare, transportation and higher education. Interested in selling to the state? You can find everything you need to know to get started in GovWin’s Guide to Doing Business with Maryland, a free report that explains how to register to bid on Maryland state contracts and provides tips for small businesses. 

“This playbook shares GovWin’s advice for your company’s sales, marketing, and business development divisions on entering Maryland’s marketplace to prepare your firm to win your share of billions of dollars in annual spending.”

Why States are Ready to Build New Health Insurance Exchanges

Ten years ago, following the passing of the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as “Obamacare”), a large group of states tried to launch their own health insurance exchanges – and many of them failed. But a number of states are ready to try again, writes research analyst Brynn Bruder, thanks to vendors that have developed better software and other supporting technology.

 “As states move towards creating their own marketplaces, interested vendors should expect solicitations for system development, as well as for operations and maintenance. GovWin is currently tracking over 20 upcoming opportunities related to health insurance exchanges.”

You can access more of the analysis produced by both our Federal and SLED Market Analysis teams using the following link: In-depth federal and SLED market analysis

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